How to Think Positive like a Jedi Master


The majority of people think they know the basic actions they need to take to become a healthy person.  Start daily exercise and eat a nutritious diet. What most people don’t understand is that a negative thought process is what is going to stop them from achieving a new healthy lifestyle.  If you can’t think positive you won’t push through…

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How to Save Time Counting Calories in MyFitnessPal


The following is a guest post by Alykhan Gulamali of  Alykhan is an introvert, fitness blogger and the self-proclaimed “king of calorie counting”. September 3, 2012.  That was the day of my first calorie log.  I have not missed a day since: I like to call myself the “king of calorie counting” because I’ve…

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Healthy Habits Report November – Halcon 2014 – Zombies’ Run! and More!


November was an amazing month that got started with Hal-con, the local geeky convention, and then progressed to a much more stressful time of year…report card writing season!  This is my Health Hero Report for November 2014 were I review how I did with my health goals for the month… If you are looking to…

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