What is the Best X-Wing Expansion?

  I love me some X-Wing, and at one point was trying to collect all of the board games expansions.  This didn’t last long, because as the game grew I asked myself more often what is the best x-wing expansion in this wave, and what don’t I need to buy?  This thought process is what led…

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A Superhero Workout (With Character Sheets!)


  It’s time for you to get started with a superhero workout! Fitness is a great place to start because it can be quick and easy.  To get started you don’t need to join the gym, you don’t need to workout for an hour, you just need to get started, and this post is all about…

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Lularoe Start Up Costs and Supplies List

In this post we will cover Lularoe consultant start up costs including your inventory costs, and other odds and ends that you’ll need to be a successful consultant. Why Lularoe: It’s always nice to have some extra income, and my wife has several online friends that have doing really well as consultants for Lularoe.  So we’ve…

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Patience Young Grasshopper – Where did it come from? What does it mean?


  So what show did patience Young Grasshopper come from? What does it mean? And how can you celebrate this awesome phrase? We’ll answer all these questions today! What Show did it Come From? I thought for sure that this phrase had come for the movie The Karate Kid, but I was wrong! It happens.…

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Flavorless BCAA Powder Bulk and Cheap

  Unflavored supplements can be difficult to hide, but BCAA powder does come flavorless if you know where to look.  Today we are reviewing three different flavorless BCAA Powders including offering by Optimum Nutrition, Muscle Pharm, and Xtend Raw. When are BCAA’s Most effective? Before we get to the reviews let’s just take a moment…

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Best Fantasy Card Games for Tabletop

  I have spent many hours playing fantasy card games, but what are a few of the best? We take a look at Summoner Wars, Pathfinder the adventure card game, and of course the massive hit Magic the Gathering. Summoner Wars This card game has a special place in my heart because it allows me…

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