How to be a Casual Wargamer (And still Win)

better gamer

How to be a better gamer? This was the question I was left asking myself after two games of X-Wing last Thursday night.  And lets make this clear, I don’t want to be the world champion of any miniature war gaming system, I just want to be competitive, and remember the basic rules.  But this…

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Healthy Habits Quest | Mid-Month Update August


So as you may have noticed, I’m pretty dedicated to creating healthy habits, and I also love strategy games!  So in this post I’m taking the strategy and tactics I love to develop and use in games, and applying them to my healthy habits. In fact I’ve been reading and listening to audio books in an…

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How to Develop Strong Will Power and Healthy Habits


I’m on a quest to develop healthy habits and have been researching how to develop a strong will power. I recently picked up the book ‘The Power of Habits’ by Charles Duhigg on the suggestion of Jeff Mueller over at and it has really gotten me thinking about my healthy habits, and where I…

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