Where do you get your Fitness Inspiration?

Were do you find your #Geekfitness inspiration? Even though us geeks are often times motivated by super heroes on the big screen, I am actually much more motivated by real life super heroes who have leveled up their lives in a big way. Geek Fitness Inspiration BJ Keeton is the author of the health blog Geekfitness.net. …

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5 Ways to Make Running Fun, Entertaining, and Geeky!


So how do you make running fun and entertaining? It can be so boring!  Well this article is all about turning your run time into fun geek time.  I wrote a similar post for the geekandgamerfitness.com blog regarding turning gym time into geek time, and this post will have some new and similar ideas.  So…

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Where do you find inspiration for running?


So where do you find your inspiration for running? There are so many places to find inspiration, but during a busy day they often slip away to be forgotten. Last weekend I found an amazing amount of motivation in a place I didn’t expect, and I hope this account of the experience will help inspire you!…

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