Build Habits like a Superhero – Using Anchor Habits


Hello! and welcome to the another blog post dedicated to making you healthier, while keeping you geeky! Today I’m going to explain the concept of anchor habits!  In 2014 I built a lot of new healthy habits, and I would have been even more successful if I had know about the idea of anchor habits… First I…

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3 Ways a Gaming Night can be Good For You!

ways gaming is good for you

When I first started this blog I wrote articles not only about health but also about gaming. Fortunately or unfortunately, I’ve gotten away from those gaming articles, and now focus on improving your health.  But every once and a while being a healthy geek means that health and gaming overlap.  But how you ask? My…

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The 4 Biggest Mistakes I Made in 2014


2014 was an incredible year for me.  I started gaming on a regular basis again! I became much healthier losing 25 pounds in total.  However, the weight loss isn’t what has made me happy.  What made me happy was knowing that I created healthy habits that have had, and will have a lasting impact on…

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