Bulletproof Green Tea (The superpower potion)

How to improve your deep sleep

A few months ago a friend of mine Jeff Muller author of an another awesome geeky blog dedicated to helping people get healthy, thejerd.com, posted about the bulletproof diet and how bulletproof coffee is a stupid idea.  Basically, he suggested people shouldn’t just stop eating breakfast, and start drinking butter coffee for breakfast. And despite the fact that I…

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Healthy Habits Report May 2015


Welcome to another healthy habits report. Doing these monthly reports is the most beneficial habit I have created over the last two years, and if there is one secret to becoming healthy, it is that you need to reflect and set goals.  And then reflect and set goals.  And then repeat :-).  If you are setting…

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Tasteless Protein Powder

Flavorless Protein Powder

Welcome to the Be A Healthy Geek website! Today I would like to talk about tasteless protein powder! As the name suggests is tasteless protein powder is a protein powder with no added flavoring. Unflavored protein isn’t as popular as it’s flavored cousin, but it does lack many of the additives. If your looking to get…

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