Make Gym Time Geek Time

This is a guest post I wrote back in 2014 for the site  Unfortunately that site is no longer online, so I thought I’d share the post with all on you!  You can still follow them on twitter here. Back when I was in university I was constantly torn between being a student athlete…

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A Superhero Workout (With Character Sheets!)

  It’s time for you to get started with a superhero workout! Fitness is a great place to start because it can be quick and easy.  To get started you don’t need to join the gym, you don’t need to workout for an hour, you just need to get started, and this post is all about…

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Star Wars Rogue One Xbox or PS4 Video Game?

If you’re looking for a Star Wars Rogue One Xbox One or PS4 game, then you’ve come to the right place. Star Wars games have provided hours of entertainment to fans of all ages, and Rogue One will be know different. Rogue One Video Game? Star Wars the Force Awakens was the most successful movie…

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