Interview with B.J. Keeton – Sci-fi/Fantasy Author and Geek Fitness Guru


Welcome to another Healthy Geek blog post! Today I have a real treat for you…an interview with BJ Keeton.  Not only does this guy have an amazing personal story outline of his own geeky fitness site, mentioned here, but he is also an science fiction and fantasy author!  How cool is that?  So strap yourself…

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Nerdy Workout Tanks – Gym Heroez Shirt Review


It was not that long ago I got an email from Steve of the Gym Heroez shirt shop and blog.  He had found my blog post on bulletproof green tea, and was impressed with the message of the Be A Healthy Geek blog.  He contacted me asking if I’d do a review of the Gym…

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Mid Year Reflection – Healthy Habits Reflection June 2015


I’m writing this post during the summer, locally we have been enjoying a great deal of wonderful sunshine.  I hope whenever and wherever you are reading this, you’re getting your fair share of sun too! But I digress, we are over the half way point of 2015, and I thought it important to reflect on…

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