My Healthy Habits Quest Mid-Month September


Welcome to another healthy habits mid-month update, where I discuss what new healthy habits I’m trying to establish, and how exactly I plan to establish them. I’ve written an article recently on how to best create habits, and will be using the strategies I suggest in the article to help me be successful with this…

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Healthy Habits Quest August


It is that time again to review my progress and see exactly how I’ve made out this month with forming new healthy habits. Heading into September, I’m feeling the healthiest I’ve been in years, but did this months habits really help me? My New Nutrition Habit: So for the month of August I’ve bee n…

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How to stay Injury Free while Running Long Distances

injury prevention running

So, one of the biggest mistakes I made when transforming myself into a healthy geek, was running too much, too fast.  I suffered a horrible calf injury that took months to finally recover from.  One of my healthy habit challenges this month is getting back into a routine of running, and of course I don’t…

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