Mid Year Reflection – Healthy Habits Reflection June 2015


I’m writing this post during the summer, locally we have been enjoying a great deal of wonderful sunshine.  I hope whenever and wherever you are reading this, you’re getting your fair share of sun too! But I digress, we are over the half way point of 2015, and I thought it important to reflect on…

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Solving The Mysteries Of Healthy Eating

Solving The Mysteries Of Healthy Eating 1

  The following is a guest post from my fellow geek fitness blogger and friend Jeff Mueller of the blog thejerd.com. Jeff has written extensively on healthy eating and has even written his own book, so I am extremely excited to have him share his thoughts. So lets get started: Tell me if you’ve heard of any of…

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Bulletproof Green Tea (The superpower potion)

How to improve your deep sleep

A few months ago a friend of mine Jeff Muller author of an another awesome geeky blog dedicated to helping people get healthy, thejerd.com, posted about the bulletproof diet and how bulletproof coffee is a stupid idea.  Basically, he suggested people shouldn’t just stop eating breakfast, and start drinking butter coffee for breakfast. And despite the fact that I…

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