Super Hero Tracking Sheets for Running and the Weight Room!

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Geek fitness workout sheets are a way for you to blend your fitness tracking with your geeky super hero needs.  These sheets allow you to not only track your workouts, but more importantly build the habit of exercise. To fully understand the character/workout sheets you should take the time to read this post on getting started…

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A Superhero Workout (With Character Sheets!)


  It's time for you to get started with a superhero workout! Fitness is a great place to start because it can be quick and easy.  To get started you don't need to join the gym, you don't need to workout for an hour, you just need to get started, and this post is all about…

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My Healthy Habits Report for October


Where did October go? It was a fast paced month for me, but how did I do with my goals? September was a spectacular month for me, was October the same..? Fitness Goals: In October my fitness goal was to start using the body weight workout from the Nerd Fitness Academy. This I accomplished! Secondly,…

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