How to stay Injury Free while Running Long Distances

injury prevention running

So, one of the biggest mistakes I made when transforming myself into a healthy geek, was running too much, too fast.  I suffered a horrible calf injury that took months to finally recover from.  One of my healthy habit challenges this month is getting back into a routine of running, and of course I don’t…

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How to be a Casual Wargamer (And still Win)

better gamer

How to be a better gamer? This was the question I was left asking myself after two games of X-Wing last Thursday night.  And lets make this clear, I don’t want to be the world champion of any miniature war gaming system, I just want to be competitive, and remember the basic rules.  But this…

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Healthy Habits Quest | Mid-Month Update August


So as you may have noticed, I’m pretty dedicated to creating healthy habits, and I also love strategy games!  So in this post I’m taking the strategy and tactics I love to develop and use in games, and applying them to my healthy habits. In fact I’ve been reading and listening to audio books in an…

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