Tasteless Protein Powder

Flavorless Protein Powder

Welcome to the Be A Healthy Geek website! Today I would like to talk about tasteless protein powder! As the name suggests is tasteless protein powder is a protein powder with no added flavoring. Unflavored protein isn’t as popular as it’s flavored cousin, but it does lack many of the additives. If your looking to get…

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Healthy Habits Report: April 2015


Welcome to another healthy habits report! This is my monthly report where I tell you how I’ve done personally with building new habits, so read on to find out how this month turned out! Nutrition My nutrition goal this month was to make sure that I wasn’t eating too late at night, and I’m happy to report…

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How to Improve Deep Sleep Quality

mindful tea

A few months ago I had no idea that I didn’t get enough deep sleep. All that changed after Christmas 2014 when my wife decided that she would like to purchase a jawbone or Fitbit.  She was hoping to motivate herself by tracking her daily steps and quality of sleep. I was very quick to…

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