3 of the Best Hand Hammered Wok Options and Comparison

Today we are reviewing three of the best hand hammered wok options you can find online. We have three of the best that money can buy, so read on to find out which one will work for you!

New to Using Hammered Woks?

If you are new to using hammered woks, then you should make sure to read up on how to season them, and break them in before cooking.  Most reviewers suggest that the top hand hammered woks are absolutely fantastic for a lot more then just stir fry if you follow these steps here.

The Cheapest Hand Hammered Wok:

This traditional Hammered Carbon Steel Wok comes with a strong and stable wooden handle. It is also a total of 16 inches round, and is one decimal eight mm of carbon steel thickness. The wok was actaually hammered in China by Guangzhou professionals. Lastly the strong helper handle won’t burn over intense heat, and this model is one of the only Hand Hammered Woks with Prime shipping on Amazon.

Discover more about this hand made product here.


  • Price: click the product image for current price. 
  • 16 inches round, and 1.8 mm thick
  • Hand Hammered in China
  • Cheap Shipping available

Top Hammered Wok

best hand hammered wok
Wok shop’s hand hammered, carbon steel, pow wok is a top reviewed product online.  With various sizes including 12 inches, 14 inches, and 16 inches (Which is the one displayed) you have more to choose from then the product mentioned about. You can also purchase a flat bottom wok in the 14″ category.  Some reviewers have suggested that the wooden handle is loose, and makes the wok feel cheap.  although others suggest this wok is built to last.

Read more reviews here.


  • Price: click the product image for current price. 
  • 12, 14, and 16 inch sizes with about 4.5″ depth of the 16 inch model
  • $15 for shipping

No Name’s Best Hand Hammered Wok

Another sixteen inch carbon steel hand hammered wok.  This one does not come with a wok ring, but like the others is made of carbon steel with two loop handles.  It has a nice round bottom, so that it can be used on most traditional stoves, and the hand hammered surface does a wonderful job of evenly heating up food. Reviewers suggest that this is an easily seasoned wok, and that it is a great alternative to teflon.

Read further reviews about the wok here. 


  • Price: click the product image for current price. 
  • 16 inches

Great alternative to teflon

Well there you have it, I’m not an expert on hand hammered woks, but it is surely a great alternative to teflon which I’ve heard can go as far causing people flu like symptoms. So make sure to season your wok as mentioned above, and always dry it after washing.

Until next time be healthy and stay geeky!

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