30 Day Fitness Challenge Ideas for your Calendar


You can never have enough 30 day fitness challenge ideas for your calendar now a days! I always enjoy a good fitness challenge, but have a lot less time with three little ones running around. (Just remember to check with your Doctor before making changes to your level of exercise).

Updated July/09/201630 day fitness challenge ideas

Just in case you are not sure how the challenge system works, here at ‘Be a Healthy Geek‘, I’ll link to to the full explanation here. And you can review our Nutrition Challenges here.

 30 Day Fitness Challenges

Remember, the most important thing about exercise is getting into a routine.  Short intense periods of exercise will give you the results you are looking for, and keep your life balanced. But don’t get overwhelmed, sign-up for my newsletter here, and I’ll tell you exactly which challenges to start with.

#1 30 Day Walking Challenge:

One of the biggest mistakes folks make when attempting a life changing fitness challenge is over doing it. Most Exercise is going to drive your appetite through the roof.  And if you over do it you’ll be reaching for the comfort food because you’ll be feeling like crab. Daily consistent walking is a great way to get in shape.


Proper Walking Technique

Download a 30 day Exercise Challenge Calendar PDF

#2 30 day Superhero Workout Challenge:

If your into geeky fitness like me than this fitness challenge is for you.  You to fill out a RPG like character sheet, pick a character class, and much more in this simple to use and understand routine for beginners. Below is an example of Scientific 7 minute workout, which is part of the workout. Did I mention this is all free!


Find the workout here

Discover your 30 day workout challenge calendar

Find out more about the scientific 7 minute workout

#3 Alt-Lift Challenge

The Alt-Shift diet protocol is what I follow, and the Jason Seib the creator of the diet lifestyle also has a great book on lifting as well.  It is like purchasing a personal trainer because Jason runs through exactly what you should be doing in HD videos, and even points out common flaws people have with each specific exercise. He claims all you need are some basic dumbbells, a bench, and a mirror to check your form.


Introduction to Alt-Shift Lift

Purchase the book here

Get your 30 day health challenge calendar here

#4 Kokoro Yoga 30 day Challenge:

Mark Divine a former Navy Seal that has written several books including “Way of the Seal” and “Unbeatable Mind.”  His latest book Kokoro Yoga teaches you how to use Yoga to improve your physical and mental health.  Purchase the book and take his 30 day yoga fitness challenge.


Find out more about Kokoro Yoga here

Purchase the book here

Track your progress in this 30 day fitness challenge calendar

#5 Add the Nerd Fitness Academy to your Calendar:

Nerd Fitness is a great blog run by Steve Kamp.  If you join the Nerd Fitness academy then you’ll be provided with home workouts and gym workouts.  You also get to create a character and take all sorts of fitness challenges to level up that character. Very much like an RPG.


Read my review of the Nerd Fitness Academy here.

Purchase Nerd Fitness here.

Use this calendar for you 3o day fitness challenge

Which Challenge do I Start With?

If you sign-up for my newsletter, I’ll let you know exactly how I would start getting healthy with 30 day challenges. Sign-up here.

How to Implement Fitness Challenge Ideas:

  1. Record your 30 day challenge goal on your calendar…download here.fitness challenges for your calendar
  2. Record your Why! 3 main reasons you should complete the challenge…
  3. Record 3 problems you will face and how you will overcome them…
  4. Read your written goal and your ‘Why’ each morning and night…
  5. Write in a journal before bed reflecting on how the challenge is going…
  6. Don’t give up if you have a bad day…believe in yourself…tell yourself…”I can do this!” because you can!

Find your downloadable 30 day Fitness Calendar here

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