Defeat the Super Villain Doctor Unachievable!


I'm the weight loss coach for you if you can't get enough Super hero and Star Wars content. I grew up reading Lord of the Rings and playing the Heroes Quest Board Game, but nowadays I can't get enough of the new super hero and Star Wars movies and books.

As a Dad of three girls, and a teacher, life can get pretty stressful. I found that fitness just wasn't enough to keep unwanted weight off.  I started to realize this was because I was overeating. If I was stressed by work, I would eat.  If I was overwhelmed with life at home, I ate. Often times I felt like I had no control over my actions.  I was falling to the dark side!

Warrior of the Light

After taking a yoga teacher training course, I realized the power of mindful moments like Yoga and Tai-chi, especially when combined with the right calm and confident Jedi mindset.  Thanks to a great deal of self-coaching research in 2016, I've been able to massively reduce overeating, and decrease my stress.

halconAs a result I'm currently developing my skills to become a life coach, and I know I can help you stop overeating.  I can help you unlock your will powers to defeat Doctor Unachievable!

Working with other people that have similar geeky interests can be fantastic and entertaining.  I always enjoy coaching calls whether via Skype or on the phone.  Coaching online or on the phone is so convenient, and we can stay in touch via email regarding weekly goals.

If you're ready to start your heroes journey, then the first step is a mini session.  In a mini session I share with you a few of my tools, and an overview of my six week program on how to stop overeating.  This way you get a feel for the process of online coaching before committing.

Will you be the hero of your own life?