Best Diet Supplements for Energy

Raw foods are powerful way to enhance your health to super hero levels, but these are not always convenient, so this is where the best diet supplements can help. Supplements are not only a quick and easy way to improve nutrition, but are also in many cases a more affordable way to eat like a superhero.  Although some are an acquired taste, most are easy to take, so lets get started…

Quest for the Best Diet Supplement:

This is one of the challenges I’ve been under taking from day one, and is pretty straight forward: choose a supplement, and start incorporating it into your daily diet for 30 days. Remember the first few days the supplement may taste horrible, or it maybe difficult to swallow those massive omega pills, but it will get easier after the first week. Be determined!

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Supplements for Energy, So You can do what you love! Even after the kids go to bed…

Multivitamin: the stop gap supplement that just makes sure you’re topping up on all your vitamins and minerals.  It helps to make sure that you are achieving a basic level of health because who wants to track how many vitamins and minerals they have consumed on a daily basis?

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Omega Fatty Acid: An omega supplement comes highly recommended from author Sam Graci in his book “The Path to Phenomenal Health.” He suggests you take a pure omega three supplement, because it can help prevent depression, heart disease, cancer, and even improve your skin. Our full review of this magical supplement is coming soon.

Protein: protein powder is one of the best diet supplements, and is a great way to get the 20 grams of protein per meal so that you will feel full.  I take mine in the morning, since this is a time when I struggle to get extra Protein in my diet.  A full run down on the different types of protein can be found here. (coming soon)

Hemp Seeds: are a great way to add protein, vitamins, and minerals to your food.  These supplemental food can be added to cereal, salad, yogurt, and much more, and has a mild taste that should be fairly easy to adjust to.

Probiotics: have been known to boost your immune system, but also really help to make sure you have lots of healthy bacteria in your gut.  Unfortunately, all too many of us, myself included, have too much bad bacteria that can cause disease. See our full review here. (soon)

Lots of other supplements you could take, but these are the basics you should consider.  Taking a trip to the doctor to get some blood work done, can help determine if you you are missing out on any particular vitamins or minerals, or a trip to a naturopathic doctor maybe an even better idea.

Achievement unlocked, you’ve made it to the end of another Be A Healthy Geek article. Thank you for reading this post on the best diet supplements for energy, and remember the most important thing you can do is take action now! Supplement your health, and become a happier and healthier geek. Have more energy for the things you love to do! Please consider sharing this post.

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  • Chris Nowell

    March 29, 2014

    Is the next step to open a pharmacy or health food store. It looks like you’re pretty well stocked up there.

    • Mike Sweetman

      March 30, 2014

      Lol…thanks for checking out the site buddy…that is a creative commons picture. I would never suggest anyone be on that many supplements…which makes me think I should change the picture!