Best Fitness Trackers And Gadgets that Motivate


The purpose of technology is to make your life easier, and this article will help you select one of the best fitness trackers and gadgets on the market, which will motivate you to get fit! Just like Iron man needs his technology to be a successful superhero, you may need some wellness tech to jump start your fitness routines…and you’ve come to the right place. Let us be your personal Jarvis when it comes to selecting gadgets.

Sure your thinking, this is just another article on the internet designed to get me to buy something.  Well yes, this article is doing just that, but there are tons of advocates on the internet who love these devices, and have had success with them.  So, try one for thirty days, and if you don’t like it then sell it on eBay, and get back most of your costs.  Not sure about how our challenges work check here, or if you’re interested in other fitness challenges see this post.

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Best Fitness Gadgets

When it comes to fitness I like creating daily or weekly routines.  I remember my first year teaching my wife and I lived in an isolated community, in northern Canada. We got into the routine of doing 30 minutes of Yoga every Wednesday and Saturday. We were both surprise just how much this improved our overall health.  So, keep in mind that you should purchase one of these gadgets, to help establish or maintain a fitness routine for no less then 30 days. I would suggest 10 minutes of daily workout, but you always choose what works best for you. These products are suppose to help motivate you to walk, run, or workout regularly everyday.

Fitbit Flex is the best fitness tracker other then maybe your smartphone.  It is a gadget that lets you track your activity, and your nutrition, so that that you can ensure that you are burning more calories then you’re consuming on a daily basis. And I’d suggest this little gadget is more effective then a much more expensive gym membership. Go for a daily jog or try to reach 10,000 steps a day…and remember it’s only a thirty day challenge!

Smartphone accessories are exactly what you need to turn your smartphone into your greatest fitness routine asset. Music has been scientifically proven to help people workout harder, and with the right apps you could be using your smartphone to do similar things that a Fitbit will do.  An armband and fitness headphones are a great starting place for accessories, and if you don’t have a smartphone I’d best_workout_trackerssuggest starting with the very affordable Moto G.

One Workout Tracker to Rule them All!

The Xbox 360 or Xbox One Fitness Bundle is a great way to get your body moving, and though it is a little more expensive, this one of the best fitness gadgets because it is like having a great personal trainer right in your house. The Kinect camera can track your moments and show if your using good forum. I’d recommend Jillian Michaels because she is a motivational speaker, not just a personal trainer. Pick any of the many exercise routines, and use it three times a week for your 30 day challenge!

Well this list could include even more of the best fitness trackers, but sometimes less is more.  The three listed above are really solid choices, and others are mostly overpriced and outdated. Keep in mind these gadgets will help you get moving, but we a many other fitness challenges if they don’t fit your budget.

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