The Best Flavorless Creatine Monohydrate Powder For the Money!

Welcome to the Healthy Geek blog where today we are going to be reviewing the best flavorless creatine that money can buy. There are several choices to pick from but the three below are all great choices, and will help you put on bulk like the Hulk! Oh dear…on to the review of our pure creatine options…

My Creatine Monohydrate Story:

The first time I tried creatine was in 1999 during my rookie year of Canadian University Football. Since then I have used it several times.  It has always allowed me to put on extra weight and lift heavier.  However, my experience is that you need to make sure your water consumption is high, and your cycling the creatine, which basically means you need to take breaks. I had a great deal of guidance from coaches, so I suggest you do your research before getting started.  Here is a great article to investigate after you’ve decide on which product below works best for you.

Tips Summary:

    • You’ll lift heavier
    • Put on water weight
    • But need to drink a lot of water
    • And be sure to cycle properly

Tasteless Creatine Option #1

BulkSupplements pure offering is most importantly Non-GMO & vegan. Secondly it’s lab tested and guaranteed purity.  Although, I always suggest you spoon through the product to ensure nothing else has been accidentally added during the packaging process.  It’s rare, but you don’t want to be drinking anything but creatine. Lastly the product is 99.99% creatine monohydrate.

Overall the BulkSupplements product is a great value for the money, but the bag it comes in can be a pain to seal.  The bag works fine, just double check it’s actually sealed so you don’t spill the contents. Read further reviews here…


  • Click product image for current price
  • 99.99% creatine monohydrate
  • Comes in bag which you may forget to seal

Hyper Hulk Creatine#2

Hyperstrength creatine monohydrate is another option that is completely flavourless.  Although I think the product would get a lot more traction if it was named HyperHulkStrength!  Product claims superior absorption due to the fact that it is a monohydrate product, and of course promotes high intensity energy and strength gain.  If you’re keeping track this product does come in a smaller plastic jar container. Purchase here…


  • Click product image for current price
  • Pure Creatine Formula
  • Superior absorption
  • Packaged in plastic container not bag

No Bull Creatine Option #3

No Bull Unfavored Creatine may not be the least expensive option, but it is easily dissolvable, 100% pure lab tested creatine monohydrate.  No bull is known for having a very pure and no-additives product.  So if you’re willing to spend a few more pennies to get a truly pure product then look no further.  

The product even comes with a free digital guide and lifetime satisfaction guarantee.  And if you’re interested in the packaging (I know I am) it comes in a plastic container that’s just a little too large for the contents. Read more from customers here…


  • Click product image for current price
  • 100% Pure Creatine Formula
  • Packaged in oversized plastic container
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Free digital guide

Whether or not you have been contemplating using a pure and flavourless creatine, or are just looking to cut costs the three examples above will get the job done.  Scroll up and simply click on the image of the product you’d most like to purchase. Good luck with gaining your Hulking bulk! Stay Healthy, stay geeky.

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