Best FODMAPS Book for a Low FODMAPS Diet?


What is the best FODMAPS Book for learning about a low FODMAPS diet? Reviewers have called IBS: FREE At Last a revolutionary and life changing book.  However, the way Patsy Catsos instructs you to approach and follow the FODMAPS diet is the revolutionary game changer.


Personally, I’m not an expert, but I did suffered for years without even knowing I had IBS.  Gas pains, bloating, and extra weight are all things that I have  far less of now thanks to the FODMAPS diet.  But finding precise information isn’t easy these days, and as I detail in my FODMAPS diet plan post, I actually wasted time and money on poor sources of information.  But there is no need for you to struggle, get started quickly with IBS: Free at last.

Low FODMAPS Diet Book:

1) In what many of have called to the best FODMAPS book, Patsy Catsos teaches you to create your own personalized diet.  She understands that we are all different, and she will allow you to create a diet that works for you.

2) Reviewers also suggest that this books explains the diet clearly, and really allows you to identify which of the foods you need to avoid in your daily diet.

3) In addition, benefits of following the books guidelines include not only being pain free, but also losing weight.  Not everyone, but most find they lose water weight once they start the low FODMAPS diet.


Problems with the best FODMAPS book?

1) Organization: Unfortunately one of the problems with the book is that it simply isn’t that well organized.  It is hard to use it as a reference guide after you’ve read it.  I know personally I use and app on my phone to check for high FODMAPS foods, but a poorly organized book can make life difficult.

2) Free: There is a ton of information about the FODMAPS diet that you can find out on the internet for absolutely free.  However, it will take you time and effort to find all of that information.  But if you are short of cash, then visiting great sites like is always an option for you.

The FODMAPS diet has changed my life for the better, and I know the book IBS: Free at last will help you make a positive change too.  Determination is key to success in building healthy habits, but so is knowledge and education.  I suggest you educate yourself on the low FODMAPS diet using IBS: Free at Last!. If you do you’ll be supporting the blog, Thank you!

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