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Technology is supposed to help us do things easier, so today we look at the best geek apps for helping you stay in touch with and participate in whatever hobby, or gaming community you enjoy!  The trusty smartphone is an amazing piece of tech, but it isn’t always easy to find the apps that will help you the most, so this article is designed to do just that…

Best Geek Apps For You?

So if you didn’t already know, here at ‘Be a Healthy Geek,’ we really love to challenge ourselves. You can get the low down on how these challenges should work by clicking here. And you could also find even more specific geeky challenges right here.

This particular challenge involves you using an app daily for 30 days to help you connect with your inner geek. Try it for thirty days, and it may just become a one of the most enjoyable parts of your day. Let us know what becomes the best of the best geek apps for you?

For me one of most enjoyable parts of the day and listening to podcasts.  I have a busy family and work life, so getting to the local game store to chat with other gamers doesn’t always happen, but listening to folks chat about board games, wargaming, and technology on podcasts is a great way to stay up to speed with your community. One of my favourite new podcasts is, give it a try!

Entertainment Apps for Geeks

Podcast Apps: I’m an Android user, so I’m using Beyond Pod at the moment, though I really want to find an app that will automatically download apps and sync them between different Android or iOS devices. The best geek apps let you escape, and that is exactly what podcasts let me do!

Audio Books: are another great way to incorporate some geek time into life is by simply listening to books. I’ve been an Audible member for several years now, and just decently has become popular as well.  Similar to podcasts these books let you escape the worries of life for a short time and enjoy a good story.

Netflix Mobile: is another way to fit in some entertainment time well out and about, or even at lunch during work.  I know my wife for example is not a huge fan of science fiction, so being able to watch Netflix on the go is a great way for me to re-connect with my inner Sci-fi geek.




Board Games: there are some absolutely awesome board games for tablets, but as an Android fan I’m absolutelty jealous the much larger variety of games for the iPad.  But Android does have some of my favourites like Carcassonne and Small World, and luckily I actually have an iPad since my school board seems to hate Android. That said a few of my favourite games, all which come recommended from the Podcasting D6 Generation folks: Bang, Lords of Waterdeep, Quarriors, Carcassonne, Summoner Wars, and Small World.

Real Time Strategy and more!  I’ve had a lot of fun with just regular old mobile games too.  I really got hooked on Kingdom Rush, and loved the fact that I didn’t need to take over the living room television to game. In fact I really only use my PS3 now a days to play with friends online. Other games I can recommend are Clash of Clans, The Hobbit: Kingdoms, and lastly the dungeon crawling Warhammer Quest.

Best Community Apps:

All of the following best geek apps can be found both in the App Store and in the Google Play Store.

Tapatalk is a great way to stay in touch with your favourite community forums. Using your mobile browser for forums can work, but this app is going to help you stay connected with push notifications (if you want), and even allow you to easily upload folders.  Tapatalk is the leading mobile app for forums, but the other option is the Proboards app. Geeks love forums, and so tapatalk is one of the best geek apps going.

Social Media: If you are more of the social media type then you may want to consider the Buffer app, which is a great way to post to Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ all at one time.  As a hobbyist I find this particularly helpful when sharing my latest project.

Blogger Apps: You can use many free platforms to blog on, but I think the app is a great tool to use. Using the app on your phone, it is easy to post image heavy blog posts with a little text for explanation.  This sort of basic blogging is not going to get you tons of Internet traffic, but it will give you a chance to make connections with other blogger folks in you community.  You could say that this could all be done easier on Twitter, and again this is another great way to connect with your community, and with good images can be easier then you think.

use the forceGame Assistance App: As a gamer I’ve used lots of different gamer assistance apps, such as Battle Scribe, Xbox Smart Glass, and more.  Whether you download an app to help you with your board game, or organise your collectable card game deck with an app, this simple software can go a long way to help you stay organised and speed up some element of your game.  And when you speed things up, then you have more time to be a gamer!

Most people could be getting a lot of more out of their smartphone.  And most people could be spending more time doing the things they love.  So why not get more out of your smartphone by using more apps on your phone to help you enjoy whatever it is you love doing? Pick one of the best geek apps for you!

Take this 30 day challenge, and you could be a happier person!  Just remember why you are taking the challenge, and think about what will keep you commit to the challenge.  For me, I know if I make time to do the things I love then, I will be refreshed to help my family with the things they love.

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