Best in Home Workout Equipment and Ideas

Best in Home Workout Equipment

Going to your local fitness centre can be very expensive and intimidating, so today we take a look at the best in home workout equipment and ideas. Many people really think that if they want super hero fitness, then the local gym is a must, but you can get to whatever fitness level you want in your own house for a lot less.

Home Gym Challenge:

Using our home gym ideas and reviews purchase some basic workout equipment, and follow your own routine, or our suggested routine for a total of 30 days.  Remember the only way this is going to work is if you are determined to make it happen.  Think about why you are doing it? And what will get you through the difficult times ahead? Get the full low down on all of our healthy habit challenges click here, and see even more 30 day fitness challenge ideas here.

Best in Home Workout Equipment Ideas

Home Fitness Cardio: The treadmill is an important piece of the best in home workout equipment, but lets face it, most people usually end up hanging clothes on their treadmills. Why not just go for a run or walk outside and get some fresh air? Well maybe it’s just too cold, as I suggest in my geek challenge log. So run or walk when it’s warm enough, and skip rope when cold temperatures prevent you from getting outside. The best at home workout equipment doesn’t need to be expensive: see our product suggestions here. (coming soon)

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Home Workout Strength Training Equipment: I’m sure you’re thinking, if I want arms like a Space Marine then I need really heavy weights.  Not true, the best home gym equipment is affordable and doesn’t need to be massive and bulky. when I was training for football there were so many players that would grab the biggest weights they could move, but I knew that a lower weight with better exercise form would equal better results.

Pete Cerqua, author and massively successful personal trainer, suggests that long demanding repetitions mean that you need to do less overall exercise, and you’ll be using less weight.  So, really you are only going to need a couple sets of dumbbells, I’d suggest a either a 10lbs and 20lbs sets, or 20lbs and 40lbs set to get you started. Don’t worry about benches, there are many exercises out there that don’t need the many expensive accessories other websites are going to tell you are necessary. As for a home workout routine, there are a ton online, or I suggest you check out Pete Cerqua’s book ‘The High Intensity Fitness Revolution for Men.’ or his book specifically for women.  Don’t be turned off by the cover of his books.  The perfectly shaped man or woman almost turned me away.

The guides in the book are quick, and practical.  Remember you don’t need a six pack to be healthy! Working out at home is all up to you! Your determination, how much do you want it? Get started today by ordering an affordable piece of the very best in home workout equipment. You simply don’t need to spend a lot of money on a gym membership or a home gym! A small investment, in small weights, can lead to big results! Good luck! Please share this post on home gym ideas if you believe it could help a friend or family member, and/or checkout the latest posts at

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