The Best Tasteless Laxative Liquid and Powder Options

Welcome to the Healthy Geek website where we are dedicated to reviewing and sharing information about all health related topics, including laxatives!  Today we are reviewing the best liquid, powder, and tablet based flavorless laxative. If you’ve every had a problem with constipation than you know that a good laxative is worth it’s weight in gold. On to the reviews, but first heed the warning signs below!

ClearLax is a great product, click image for current price.

Warnings and Side Effects:

There are many different types of laxatives that can have many different impacts on a person’s health.  So please always check with your doctor before adding any type of laxative including the options listed below.  This is only a list of laxatives that could help adults overcome constipation, and this article is not a replacement for your doctor’s advice.  Lastly, please do not use any of these laxatives on children of any age with seeing your doctor.

Leader Castor Oil Odorless and tasteless

This Leader Castor Oil will lead you to the toilet in less than twelve hours.  This is the standard amount of time for a laxative.  It is described as being for temporary relief of occasional constipation.

Reviewers report that it is actually odorless and tasteless, and that it is a quality product that was very beneficial to use.  So check out more about this odorless and tasteless liquid laxative at the world’s most trusted online retailer here.


  • Click image for current price (has 6 fluid Ounces or 177 militres) 
  • Truly odorless and unflavored
  • Liquid like a Syrup

GoodSense Unflavored powder Laxative

GoodSense has created this product to relieve occasional constipation, and can be used once daily in any beverage.  This laxative will allow for more frequent bowel movements, and of course prevent the dreaded constipation.

Reviewers have written that this product is very similar if not identical to the popular Miralax product. They also suggest that this product is difficult to open compared with others, but otherwise works as expected. Purchase here…


  • Click image for current price (17 Ounces or 510 grams)
  • Powder added to liquids
  • Similar to Miralax

Bonus: Chocolate tasting Laxative

Major Pharmaceuticals makes a senna based laxative, and it should be said this is a flavored option. This means the laxative is made from natural vegetable Senna and is alcohol free.  Additionally, this product come with a natural chocolate taste.  This laxative promises you’ll be heading to the toilet in around twelve hours or less.

Reviewers suggest that the liquid is a must for younger children and senior adults that just can’t swallow tablets. In addition it works gently, without the cramps and stomach irritation that can come with other types of laxatives.  Reviewers also suggest that toddlers react well to only a small amount of the laxative and enjoy the taste. Find more from reviewers here…


  • Click image for current price (8 fl. Ounces or 237 millilitres)
  • Chocolate flavor
  • Senna plan based product


Well there you have it!  Laxatives that are both tasteless and odorless.  To be completely honest I totally thought the Major Pharmaceuticals senna product was unflavored as well.  I decided to keep it as part of the review, since I know some people are simply trying to avoid a bad tasting laxative when they are searching for an article about flavorless products.  And the reviews suggested it was great tasting!

Anyway, enough about my mistakes, I suggest you scroll back up and click on the image of the product you would like to learn more about.  Thanks for reading and stay healthy and stay geeky.


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