Best Treadmill without handles for a Standing Desk


Hello and welcome to the Be A Healthy Geek blog where today we are reviewing the best treadmill without handles for a fit desk or standing desk. This is still a young market so there aren’t a great deal of options yet, but there are two solid options listed below.

The Rebel Treadmill 1000 is usually sold at a massive discount. Click the image for more details.

Standing, Movement, and Treadmills

As an elementary teacher I’ve been flooded with information about the benefits of standing classroom desks for my students.  Plus stationary bikes and treadmills are starting to be seen more often in the classroom.  The bikes are more popular in the elementary classrooms of course, but the point is that data is showing student achievement is higher the more movement they have during the day.  In Norway for example students have a morning and an afternoon recess, and those students are extremely successful. But the data doesn’t just suggest it improves on student success, but even adult production in the office setting.  So why not be more productive and burn more calories during the day with a standing treadmill desk?

The Lifespan TR800-DT3

The Lifespan model is specifically built to be an under desk treadmill, and therefore comes without the handles that most treadmills have today. It also comes with a high torque continuous motor, and completely put together in the box!  The Controls come with an eight foot cord length. (This replaces the normal controls attached to the handles. It also records steps, distance, speed, and time.)

Reviewers have shared that they enjoy the fact that you can charge your phone on the wired console, but have found the noise of walking on the track is loud.  Also the controls could be improved as it seems too long to increase the speed of your walking.  Lastly it’s important to know that this model should only be used three hours per day, or the warranty becomes void, and that every fifty hours you’re going to need to add lubrication to the treadmill. Read further reviews here…


  • Price: click on the product image for current price
  • flat without handles
  • only 3 hours a day or warranty void
  • 8 foot wired controls


Rebel Treadmill 1000

The Rebel (I love that name because it reminds me of Star Wars!). Anyway the Rebel is another treadmill specifically designed without handles to fit under a standing desk.  It however is only a walking treadmill, so it’s max speed is 2 mph. Possibly the best part of the treadmill is that it comes with a thirty day trial.  If you do not like it, just return it in thirty days, and you’ll get your money back.

Reviewers have mentioned that this design is great for smaller office spaces thanks to it’s compact design. Also that it comes ready to use out of the box, but that you need to make sure the safety button isn’t lost because the treadmill won’t work without it. Further reviews can be found here…


  • Price: click on the product image for current price
  • Compact design
  • 30 day trial
  • Safety button needed


So their you have it! Two great options that can get you on the move in the office! Scroll up and click on the image of the product you think works best for you.  Personally, I like the look of the Rebel, and not just because it reminds me of Star Wars!  The Lifespan has the warranty issue, and is a bit on the loud side as well. Until next time, stay healthy and stay geeky.

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