Cheap D&D Miniatures Bulk Purchasing Options

Dungeons and Dragons is a game that many geeks grew up playing, and I am no exception at all.  I can still remember my chaotic neutral character Puck.  A halfling that could throw three or four daggers a turn! And although I do love using my imagination during these games of D&D, it was also cool to have miniatures laid out on the board in front of you representing the heroes and monsters.

The Problem:

The difficulty with having a table full of miniatures has always been the price.  When I was a kid, I didn’t have a lot of cash for miniatures.  Not enough to buy an entire D&D collection of miniatures.  And now that I’m an adult, I don’t have enough cash to buy all the cool stuff out there.  So I try to find deals or buy things in bulk to make sure I can have more of the cool stuff I need!

The Heroes:knights bulk

Not all my Dungeons and Dragons characters were halflings.  I remember one that was a Paladin!  And that Paladin would have been well represented using one of the men at arms miniatures in this starter pack by Toysmith. If you were to use different paint schemes you could even have them representing a different race such as elves.  And I remember a lot of elves being played in my D&D games! Purchase here.


  • Price: click on the product image for current price
  • Great for character models

Bulk Skeleton Warriors!

bulk skeleton warrior miniaturesI know some of the best video games and tabletop RPG’s I’ve play include skeleton warriors!  And the video games and tabletop games always included a lot of skeleton warriors.  So that mean purchasing skeleton warriors in bulk! The toy maker Hunson actually sells one hundred skeletons for only $17 dollars. Where was that deal when I was trying to build my D&D collection as a kid? See further review here.


Price: click on the product image for current price

Great Bulk Purchase with variety of poses

Cheap Zombie Miniatures!

So once your heroes have survived the bulk horde of skeleton warriors you can throw one hundred zombies at them!  Now I must say that not all of these zombies will fit into the fantasy setting of most D&D worlds, but there are lots of zombies miniatures that do fit including zombie dogs! Although the heads are a bit on the huge size these are truly D&D miniatures bulk purchase.  Purchase here.


  • Price: click on the product image for current price
  • Not all fantasy Zombies
  • Big Heads

Demon and Monster Miniatures Cheap!bulk demon miniatures

If any of your adventurers actually survive the bulk of one hundred skeleton warriors and then the onslaught of one hundred zombies, then why not throw a hundred demons and monsters at them?  These cheap D&D figures are made by the same company that make the zombies, so are a similar scale, and will work well on the tabletop together. Find reviews of the product here.


  • Price: click on the product image for current price
  • Same scale as Zombies
  • Great for practice painting


I just keep asking myself where were these D&D figures when I was growing up? Scroll up and click on the blue text to purchase.  And may your D&D miniature collection grow to massive sizes!

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