Cheap Fantasy Miniatures for Painting or Pre-Painted


I have a very fond memories of painting and playing with miniatures.  In particular playing and painting Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40k miniatures. However, I discovered the pre-painted game of Star Wars X-Wing, and eventually didn’t want to pay the ever increasing costs of Gamesworkshop miniatures.

However now my children are getting older and I’d like to paint some fantasy miniatures with them, but again didn’t want to pay high Gamesworkshop prices.  So I went searching for cheap fantasy miniatures that my girls and I could paint. 

Thankfully there are absolutely fantastic deals available on the net these days for miniatures.  I mean it really got me excited to see what you can get for under $100 or even less than $20.

Cheap Miniatures for Practice Painting

TimMee sells cheap miniatures that I would have killed to have as a kid.  Think of the green army men every little boy, and some little girls played with growing up.  Add in various fantasy heroes and monsters and you have the TimMee Legendary Battles play set.  This is like buying all the HeroesQuest models for less than $15! Awesome! You can also pickup a cavemen set to fill in as your Warriors of Chaos models. You just need bases for them.

Reviewers say they are a little large compared to other miniatures, but otherwise they are great! I like the idea of this since a larger miniature will be easier for my girls to paint. Read more from reviewers here.


  • Price: click on the product image for current price
  • Scale 1:24
  • 3.1 inches tall

Affordable Pre-painted Miniatures

If you’re just looking for some pre-painted miniatures to use for a game of dungeons and Dragons, then these pathfinder miniatures could fit the bill. They are cheap miniatures, priced at less then $40 for 10 but your going to get a random assortment.

Reviewers are a mix bag.  Some suggest that this is a great deal if you understand that you are getting random miniatures.  While others had high expectations of the miniatures upon purchasing, so were disappointed.  To read further reviews click here…


  • Price: click on the product image for current price
  • Most are 1″ to 2″ in height
  • Random assortment

Cheapest Wargaming Armyknights

Looking for a really cheap Age of Sigmar or Warhammer Fantasy army?  Well you could purchase the high
quality Kings of War miniatures, or if your like me and want something even cheaper, you should checkout these knights. They are about 1.8 inches tall and fit well in one inch squares if you play D&D or Pathfinder. At only nine dollars for 36 of these guys, you can create a super affordable army! Read further reviews of the product here.


  • Price: click on the product image for current price
  • 1.8 inches tall
  • Hot water can help fix bend spears and swords
  • 6 different poses

Cheap Undead Army

Are you more of the evil villain type, or do you need an evil army to defeat your new army of knights?  Well 71-YKSRfW4L._SL256_the Hunson 100 piece skeleton warriors set is what your looking for! As you can see they can be painted up to a decent standard to take part in your games of Dungeons and Dragons or they can be the Undead or Tomb Kings army you always wanted.

Reviewers suggest these guys are about two inches tall, so just a little taller than the above knights. So I’d say a knight versus skeleton match would be awesome! Find out more details about the product here.


Price: click on the product image for current price (Usually Best Deal)

  • Two inches tall
  • 6 different poses


I don’t know about you, but I’m really excited about these miniatures.  I’m looking forward to painting with the kidos, and know that we will have hours of fun with these cheap fantasy miniatures.  As I have pointed out in the summary above, the Skeleton warriors are buy far the best deal at $17. So scroll up and click the blue text of the product you’d like to purchase.


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