Comparison of the Best Miniature Paint Brushes

Hello folks and welcome to another review on the website.  Today we are looking at the best miniature paint brushes that money can buy.  We will be looking at an affordable set of paint brushes, army painter brushes, and the famous Windsor Newton miniature wargaming brush.

My Painting Experience:

I’ve spent a lot of time painting miniatures, mostly 40k and Warhammer Fantasy miniatures now (AOS), and I’ve found that a great brush and paints just make your life a lot easier.  Whether you are trying to make sure you get the extra detail on that character model, or trying to mass produce an entire unit of Space Marines a good brush is a good miniature paint brushes

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Cheap Miniature Paint brush Set:

Bianyo Artist Brush set is worth a look since it is a twelve piece set for only $10.  They offer a short handle like the popular Games Workshop brushes, not the extremely long ones. Bianyo suggests that they are environmentally friendly because they are synthetic.  Also, because they are synthetic they keep their shape, and are easier to clean after a long night of painting wargames miniatures. You may also want to know that they have a satisfaction guarantee. Find more details about the set here.


  • Price: click the product image for current price. 
  • 12 piece set
  • Money back guarantee

Made For Miniature Armies:

Army painter has done a great job providing people with unique innovative ways to paint their miniature wargaming armies quickly.  These brushes really aren’t that innovative, but they are a solid choice if looking for brushes specifically for painting wargaming miniatures. The set contains a total of three brushes including a standard sized brush for larger jobs, a detail brush, and drybrush for, you guessed it drybrushing.  Although you get a lot less brushes in this set versus the Bianyo, you do get a drybrush which can really help speed up the ability to paint miniatures! Discover more details about the set here.


  • Price: click the product image for current price. 
  • Three brush set
  • Drybrush included

top miniature wargaming paint brushTop Miniature Paint Brushes

I first heard about Windsor Newton series 7 paint brushes on the Baddice Podcast.  The miniature painters on the podcast were absolutely in love with the brushes, and insisted that they were the best miniature paint brushes money could buy. I tend to agree, but quality also means expense.  Each of the brushes is more expensive than both of the sets above. But quality and longevity, are two of the things that reviewers often mention about these legendary brushes. Also mentioned is that the paint just seems to flow off of these brushes  better than most.  If your looking for the best mini brush, here it is!


  • Price: click the product image for current price. 
  • Only one brush for price
  • Extremely high quality


There is a good chance you came to this article via the internet searching for the absolute best miniature painting brushes produced.  The Windsor Newton is of the highest of quality.  The only reason I see going with the Bianyo set is if you are a beginner, or if you’re just short of cash, and so need a cheap miniature brush set.  The only reason I see purchasing the army painter set is if you came to this article looking for the highest quality drybrush. Otherwise I think you should scroll up and click the image of the Windsor Newton Series 7.  I know you won’t regret it.

Thanks for reading and continue to make time for the geeky things you love, like painting miniatures, but also make time for some geek fitness too.

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