Easy Juice Recipes for a Juicer (And a Grocery List)

Recipes for a Juicer

So if you are just getting started with juicing then a good first step is tracking down some easy juice recipes for a juicer like the Breville BJE200XL. There are a ton of recipes on the web, and I’ve tracked down some of the best from various websites.  If you don’t like the juice recipes I’ve picked then simply click through to view the website I found the recipe at, and select another.

Creating a diet plan and setting aside time every week to prep my nutritious food has been key to my success in improving my nutrition!  I discuss this and other tips in my post on juicing tips and tricks here, and found success with the FODMAPS diet plan here because of the clear diet plan I put together for it. But enough talk about the importance of having a clear plan…let’s actually check mine out:

All titles have been adapted and or modified!

Also a bunch = one bunch of greens you would pick up at the grocery store.

Juice Recipes the Easy Way

JuiceRecipes.com is, as it sounds, an awesome place to find new juice recipes.  I’d start by checking out this list here.

The Ginger Lemon Wizard

1) Five handfuls of spinach

2) One peeled orange

3) Four stalks of celery

4) A bit of Ginger Root

5) Three medium Apples

6) A single lemon with the rind


Prolific Juicing

Another great resource on the web for juicing is prolificjicing.com.  I found this easy juice recipe on there green juice recipes post.

The Ultimate Pineapple Hulk Smash

1) One medium Apple

2) half a large cucumber

3) One half bunch of parsley

4) Six to Eight Large leaves of Kale

5) Half a cup of Pineapple


Taste Williams Sonoma – 

A variety of authors to contribute to the Taste Williams Sonoma blog, and they’ve put together a great post here on easy juicer recipes.lightside

Great Green Jedi Master

1) One cup of Coconut water (mix with final product)

2) 10 Strawberries

3) One half of a Pear

4) One Golden Delicious Apple

5) Two cups of Kale or Spinach


Health Ambition 

Lastly, I’ve linked to yet another great list of recipes for a juicer found on healthambittion.com.

The Green Machine 

1) A bit of lime  juice,

2) Two Large Carrots,

3) Parsley one bunch,

4) Two bunches mix of Chard, Spinach, and Kale.

5) Two Stalks of Celery

Easy Juicing Grocery List

Green Leaves:

1) One large container of spinach, Two bunches of Kale or Swiss Chard.

2) One bunch of Parsley


One peeled orange

One bag of  Apples (I’m not buying the individually mentioned apples)

A single lemon with the rind

Half a cup of Pineapple

One bag of Frozen Strawberries

One half of a Pear (Though I’ll most likely add in an extra apple)

Other Vegetables:

One Bunch of celery

Half a large cucumber

Two Large Carrots


A bit of Ginger Root

One cup of Coconut water (mix with final product)

A bit of lime juice

Be Determined!

I’m determined to make juicing work for me. I know it is going to be a lot of work, but I know I’ll be able to do the extra work with the extra energy I’ll gain from drinking all those wonderful macro and micronutrients!  I struggle to get lots of leafy greens into my diet, so as you can see, my list includes a lot of greens.  You need to do what works for you. I’ll be juicing using the best cheap Juicer the Breville BJE200XL.



I’ve really enjoyed all of these recipes, though I’m not very picky.  However, my wife is picky, she enjoyed the Hulk Pineapple Smash, so you may want to start with that recipe because they pineapple has such a strong taste that it drowns out the taste of the veggies.

This is a good strategy in general, if you aren’t a big fan of veggies, then combining some spinach with your favourite fruit is a great way to get the benefits of a powerful nutrient rich vegetable, but with great taste!

In addition, I must say the price of these recipes was pretty damn high, and after a couple weeks I had to find something more affordable.

So, I’ve settled with a basic mix of 2-3 tomatoes, 3-4 large carrots, an apple, some greens such as Kale or spinach, and finally I add lemon or lime for flavouring.

This has been a much more affordable option, and one I enjoy.  It tastes a bit like V8 with lemon or lime flavouring.

Photo credit: Bertholf via Flickr

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