Fashion Geek Clothing Tips and Examples

I’m not an expert on fashion, and I haven’t always owned a lot of geek clothing, but I believe if you are going to truly be a happy and healthy geek, then part of the process is embracing geek culture, and being a proud geek.  Being open about being a geek will make you feel good about yourself, and ultimately help you find other geeky friends.  I also believe there are some simple tips you can follow to help you have original style without looking like a middle school student. But can you really be fashionable wearing Star Wars clothes? Of course you can!

My Geek Clothing History

For many years of my life I struggled with being  jock and geek.  I was always a gaming geek at my core, but also athletic, and didn’t like what people thought about my geeky habits.  I wish I could go back in time, and have a good chat with myself.  Unless Dr. Who shows up, that just isn’t going to happen!  It’s taken me a long time, but I have completely embraced the fact that I am a geek.  I know it is part of who I am, and a big part of what makes me happy. I’m sure other people will still turn there nose up at me, but being a geek is more accepted and mainstream then ever before, and I could really care less about those people who would judge me for being the person I am.  They most likely have no idea what makes them happy. Anyway my point is…I didn’t always embrace geek fashion, but I do now!

The Challenge:

The 30 day challenge is very straight forward if you choose to take it on. Purchase one piece of geek clothing per week, over four weeks, and wear that piece of clothing at least once that month in public.  Whether that is to the local game store, convention, work, the museum…whatever.  Just make sure your not just wearing it around the house!  Be a proud geek, and other geeks will find you!

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Fashion Geek Clothing

So as I’ve already said I’m not a fashion expert, or even a geek fashion expert like the folks over at, but my wife did force me to watch a great deal of the fashion show ‘What not to Wear’ during our time at university! So here are some basic tips when it comes to being a fashionable geek.

1) Be Original –

If you want to look good it takes time.  I suggest you don’t simply walk into Walmart and buy the newest Superman shirt they have on the shelf. There are a ton of fashion artists who sell very original work on,,, and even has a lot of original, and hard to find geek fashion.

2) Less is More

geek_fashionBeing a proud geek doesn’t mean wearing your Star Trek hat with your Star Wars t-shirt, and your Lord of the Rings pants. It means having one or two pieces of clothing or accessories that represent one of your favourite parts of geek culture.  If you were going to follow the advice of the experts on ‘What Not to Wear’ this would mean wearing some geeky accessories, and finding fashions that mix mid-evil and modern fashions, or science fiction and modern fashions.`Not simply wearing Superman t-shirts form Walmart. Again fashion takes a bit of effort. The Dwarven belt below and

 3) Be Covert – 

Don’t be ashamed to be a geek, but wearing clothes and accessories that are not as obviously geeky, will separate you from the middle school students that wear nothing but superhero shirts.  Wearing a shirt like the Stark Industries picture to the left, will leave most people in the dark, but still get you props from true Iron Man and Avenger Fans. This red shirt would go well with the traditional black hoody which all geeks should have in their closet.

4) Be Funny –

If you just must wear that Darth Vader t-shirt or that game of thrones shirt, then make sure that they are funny. Simply having a cool picture of Darth Vader is awesome, but wearing the funny evilution shirt pictured on the right will get you more geek fashion props, and be a great conversation starter at the local gaming store, or your next big convention.

5) A word on Black Shirts – 

There is a lot of geeky t-shirts which are black.  That’s cool, but make sure you include a variety of colours in your wardrobe. If you purposefully wear nothing but black that’s fine, however wearing several different complimentary colours looks great!

Thank you for reading Fashion Geek Clothing Tips and Examples. I hope these tips can help you get mad geek clothing props, and help you start conversations with other like minded people.  Remember fashion isn’t easy, but it is worth the effort.  You’ll feel good about embracing your inner geek, meeting new people, and supporting geek culture.  Why not support and purchase the latest fashion on

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  • Love it! I have plenty of geeky clothing but not too many geek workout clothes. I need to fix that. I do have a Capt. America, Batman (borrowed from hubby) and Superman Under Armor shirts. I need more!

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    July 7, 2014

    There is a lot of geeky fitness clothes out there too! Glad you enjoyed the article Des…