Flavorless Brewers Yeast Options for Breastfeeding or Bodybuilding

Breastfeeding tips on the Be a Healthy Geek site? No not really! Some of you may know that I recently had my third child. So kids, lactation, and other strange things have been running through my poor sleep deprived head. One thing I wanted to share with my community and the internet in general is the benefit that can be found in Brewer’s Yeast.  It can help your milk supply when attempting to breastfeed, and can even help bodybuilders process protein, or get a little extra energy to Hulk out at the gym…

Why Brewers Yeast?

  • Brewer’s Yeast has been a used to supplement diets for years
  • It contains iron, protein, B vitamins, chromium, selenium and more
  • Increases energy levels for weight training or busy Moms
  • Bodybuilders take it to help process protein
  • Believed to be a galactagogue that helps nursing mothers
  • Only takes one to two tablespoons per day

YeastBlueBonnet Brewer’s Yeast Powder

This Brewer’s yeast has many nutrients as already stated and comes from beet molasses.  It also has less carbs and more protein than the grain product. One mother claims that she is so energized by this yeast that she actually had to lower her dose so she could sleep!  To see more reviews from others sharing the health benefits they’ve received from this product click here.


  • Click product image for current price
  • Improves energy
  • Less carbs and more protein than the grain product
  • Made from Non-GMO beet molasses
  • non-bitter

Swanson’s Pure Brewer’s Yeast Powder

Nutrient packed powder with B complex vitamins and great potential to boost energy and lactation.  Swanson’s unflavored yeast is GMO free and is made from beet molasses. One reviewers suggests that this product in particular doesn’t have the nasty aftertaste that other products have. Click here to purchase…


  • Click product image for current price
  • Improves energy
  • Made from Beet molasses Non-GMO
  • No aftertaste

Brewers Yeast Alternative for lactation:

Sorry bodybuilders this isn’t going to help you!  But through my internet wizardy I know most folks reading this article will be Moms, so I thought I’d add this alternative in as some of the drawbacks listed below are concerning for some.

Earth Mama has a Organic Lactation and Breastfeeding tea that contains herbs known to increase breast milk supply.  Since you are only using tablespoons of Brewer’s Yeast at a time I believe the tea is actually more expensive overall, but cheaper to try initially. My math maybe a bit off though!  Reviewers have found this tea very helpful, and you can find their thoughts here.


  • Click product image for current price
  • Recommended three teas per day
  • Effective at increasing milk lactation using natural herbs

Warnings and Side Effects?

  • Always consult with a doctor or lactation specialist before adding to your diet.
  • Do not purchase baker’s yeast or nutritional yeast thinking it’s brewer’s Yeast
  • Can cause yeast infections, gas, diarrhea, and abdominal upset in Mothers.
  • Can cause digestive problems  and symptoms of colic in infants

The Bottomline is: check with your doctor, and if you already know you have a history of yeast infections or digestive problems then try the alternative I list below.


Well I hope this article helps even just one or two moms out there with their breastfeeding.  And to those of you just interested in general health and bodybuilding I’d consider the above Unflavored Brewers Yeast for a potential increase in energy.  Though it’s very important to check with your doctor before introducing a new supplement into your diet.


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