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What does flavorless gum have to do with being a healthy geek? Well I was listening to the Unbeatable Mind Podcast, and learned that dental health can impact your brain health.  In fact researchers have suggested that those people with poor dental health are more likely to suffer from alzheimer’s disease.  So flavorless chewing gum which is unsweetened can help clean your teeth, therefore not only improving  your oral health, but also your long term mental health.

Not Just Chewing Gum

Of course you don’t just want to be using chewing gum to help you with your oral health.  Flossing and brushing your teeth are more important. That said unsweetened tasteless gum can help clean your teeth as you chew.

Unsweetened Chewing Gum

The fact is there really are not a lot of unfavored chewing gums that are also unsweetened.  However, Falim has created a product that fits the description, and seems to have great support from it’s customers.  With no artificial additives for flavoring, this is a very natural gum that will support ora health and not hurt overall health.  It also has absolutely no sugar or calories.

Reviewers suggest that the gum is suppose to help with digestion, but this is hard to provide feedback on.  People do suggest that it helps them relax, and doesn’t make indigestion problems worse.  Of course your experience maybe different.  Additionally, it has been mentioned that this is Paleo chewing gum because of the lack of sweeteners.  However, it is harder and stickier than most gums. Find more from reviewers here…


  • Price: click on the product image for current price
  • Plain unsweetened gum
  • Paleo gum
  • harder and stickier than most gums

All Natural Alternative

If you are truly looking for a flavorless gum than Falim above is the product you need. However if your quest for flavorless gum has really been a quest for natural gum that isn’t full of additives, then Simply Gum is a great product you should try.  It is non-GMO with no aspartame, and even leaves out the plastics, and other weird substances that can be found under “gum base” label within the ingredients.

Reviewers suggest that flavor is very soft and the size of the gum is slightly smaller then your average chewing gum.  They also say that the various flavors have a different feel or texture to them.  They include flavors such as maple, ginger, mint and more.  Find out more about the product here.


  • Price: click on the product image for current price
  • Light taste
  • Natural ingredients
  • Paleo gum

So like I started saying at the beginning of the post their aren’t a lot of options when it comes to flavorless gum.  But Falim is a great choice, so scroll up and click on the image to purchase.  Also, a good natural alternative is Simply Gum, but just remember it is flavored! Remember oral health is a big part of staying healthy, so you can stay geeky.

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