Flavorless Protein Powder Options (Plus another great protein)

So can you really purchase flavorless protein powder anywhere? I know personally, it has been a long journey to find a protein powder that I was truly happy with, and isn’t full of a ton of additives, and today I’m sharing four products that are all have no added flavoring. …Updated Jan. 2017.

My Flavourless Protein Powder Experience:

I have been consuming protein powder for around fifteen years now.  I remember when I was in university, I had a friend who was able to purchase a massive bulk order of plain unflavored whey protein, directly from the farm because of some research he was doing.  He allowed me to purchase some of the protein. It was super affordable, and completely unsweetened and tasteless protein powder. I enjoyed this raw unsweetened whey protein powder because it could be mixed in my cereal, used in shakes, or mixed into pancakes.

ISOPURE Protein Powder

tasteless protein powder
Isopure is a top selling protein powder that has 25 grams in each serving scoop.  It is a protein isolate which means it is quickly absorbed to help with muscle growth, and so is ideal for post-workout. Adding it to hot or cold beverages or foods works just fine, and it has zero fat content, zero carbohydrates, no sugars, or artificial sweeteners or flavors.  It’s pure!

Reviewers share that they enjoy the fact that this is a lactose free protein. Overall this product comes in at an affordable price for unfavored protein.  You can find more product details here.


  • Price: click on image for current price per serving
  • lactose free
  • No sugars, sweeteners, or flavors.

Pure Organic Whey

Although, organic is more expensive, it is always a superior product.

So, I would suggest the above listed ISOPURE protein is the most affordable option for flavourless protein powder.  However, an even better option is Raw Organic Whey.  As the name suggests it is an organic product from grass feed cows, and completely free of hormones and antibiotics.  Plus there are no additives such as Soy Lecithin.

Reviewers suggest this organic protein is a high quality product, but doesn’t mix well.  Another complaint is that it is a lot more expensive then other proteins, but like the Isopure product it only has trace amounts of lactose.  They also suggest that the product tastes great in smoothies, or with some added coco powder.

Purchase Here | Discover more Organic Protein Options Here


  • Price: click on image for current price per serving
  • Only trace amounts of lactose
  • Doesn’t mix well
  • Extremely pure and organic

Paleo Protein Egg White

best flavorless protein powder The tasteless protein is soy free and completely sugar free.  It’s two ingredients are only egg whites (as expected!), and Sunflower Lecithin. There is 25 grams of Protein in each and every scoop, so the two pound container will last you a total of 30 days if you take one serving a day.

Paleo Protein reviewers share that they love how pure a product this is, and how it is more affordable.  Others suggest the flavor is horrible, but positive reviewers love the fact that they can make their protein shakes whatever taste they want.  I’d suggest making sure you plan on mixing it in a smoothie, or something to mask the taste. Discover more about Paleo Protein here.


  • Price: click on image for current price per serving
  • Needs to be mixed well
  • Two ingredients
  • Not totally Tasteless protein powder

Tasteless HempPro 70

Personally I regularly use a unsweetened hemp protein powder because it packs a lot of extra nutritional punch.  Although not as pure a protein as whey protein, hemp has the added benefit of providing omega fats and is not a dairy product, so for many like myself is easier for my body to digest. My wife and I have both had poor digestive experiences with whey protein in the past, so hemp protein is our protein of choice.

Although no flavour is added this product does have a distinct nut like taste to it.  I purchase either Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 70 or 50. The unsweetened Pro 70 has 20 grams of protein, and 3.4 grams of omega fats per 30 gram serving. 

Purchase here | Find more Hemp Protein Options here.



  • Price: click on image for current price per serving
  • Lactose Free
  • Includes healthy omega fats
  • unsweetened raw

Honorable Mention – Hemp Seeds

Hemp Seeds are not a tasteless protein powder, but the seeds are a source of protein which is extremely flavourless and unsweetened.  I add some to fruit in the morning, and it adds very little taste at all compared to hemp protein, and sticks nicely to the fruit unlike whey protein.  It does not however have as much protein, but does include a great deal of healthy fats your body needs to function at a high level.  I highly recommend it, and if you are looking for something truly flavourless then this product is it.

So Why Spend the extra cash on Tasteless Protein?

Many folks who blog about health often talk about the benefits of clean raw food, like my fellow blogger Jeff Mueller.  The major benefits of raw food is that it doesn’t have the unnatural hormones, antibiotics, and additives like sweeteners.  All of these extras can create a lot of problems with your digestive system, and the more additives you’re consuming the greater the problems you will have.  I know because I personally suffer from digestive issues, and so need to follow the FODMAPS diet. So start eating raw today by scrolling up and clicking on the image of the flavorless protein powder that works best for you!

Final Thoughts:

I’m know expert, but I’ve been supplementing my diet with protein for years.  And I’ve found flavorless protein powder is a great way to include affordable protein into your day. Remember protein is an extremely important part of a healthy lifestyle because it helps to fill you up, and keep you from snacking late at night.

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  • Nice post! I usually go with Designer Whey flavored ones (cause I make protein shakes with them!) I’ll have to give the unflavored ones a try soon!

  • The Mighty Jerd

    June 4, 2014

    I have never tried Hemp protein… I tend to stick to Whey Isolates or Casein/Whey blends myself, but maybe I will give that a shot and see how I like it. Thanks for the tip!

    • Mike Sweetman

      June 4, 2014

      I used whey protein for many years to great success, but I seem to have built up a sensitivity to it recently. Let me know how you like the hemp protein, as I mention in the post it does have a natural taste, so I’d put it in smoothies.