Flavorless Toothpaste Options for Adults and Kids

Being a Healthy Geek often involves trying new products that are not the societal norm such as flavorless or tasteless toothpaste.  Often times the more natural a product is the less health risks are involved, so today we are taking a quick look at toothpaste brands that don’t have the extra additives that many regular name brands have.

Before we get to the overview of toothpaste options remember that doctors have long thought that heart disease is linked to poor oral health. Delta Dental suggests that doctors believe bad bacteria from the mouth can spread throughout the body having a poor impact on heart health.

Cleure Mint-free Tasteless Toothpaste

Cleure has created a product that is free of many additives such as gluten, sulfate, mint flavour, and is hypoallergenic.  Despite not having all these additives it will still reduce some plaque, tartar, and regenerates enamel. Lastly, the product is made in the United States and has a money back policy.

Reviewers have mentioned that the product is not completely flavorless, but what limited flavor it does have is pleasant. Find more reviews here…


  • Click product image for current price (6.2 fluid ounces or 183 milliliters)
  • Made in USA and offers money back satisfaction policy
  • Very few additives

Oranurse toothpaste for Adults and kids

Oranurse suggests there are three main features to their toothpaste.  This first being that the toothpaste and flavorless.  Secondly that the toothpaste is non-foaming, and thirdly it includes fluoride protection.

Reviewers have suggested that shipping is fast considering it ships from the UK. Reviewers also suggest that this is truly and flavorless toothpaste, and great for kids who have problems with harsh flavored products. Find more reviews here…


  • Click product image for current price 100 milliliters
  • Truly Flavorless
  • Great for kids
  • Non-foaming
  • Includes Fluoride
  • Ships from UK

Unflavored Toothpaste for Picky Kids

OraNurse also creates a product targeted to kids. They have a product for children four years or more and four and under.  That said many reviewers suggest that Oranurse regular toothpaste works well for kids as well.  I suggest you check with your dentist before allowing your child to use it…

Nihilist Toothpaste

Nihilist toothpaste is another tasteless tooth cleaner on the market.  Reviewers however suggest that this toothpaste does have a sweet tasting vanilla flavor.  So if you are just trying to get away from a mint flavor then this toothpaste could work for you.


  • Click product image for current price currently unavailable
  • Mint- free (light vanilla flavor)
  • No Color

Mint free Toothpaste Auromere

Auromere has made a mint free, preservative free, saccharin free, and sweetener free product.  It’s really free!  It also has no animal ingredients, nor does has it been animal tested.

Reviewers suggest that it is a product that leaves your teeth feeling extremely clean, and has a licorice like or anise flavor. Find more reviews here.


  • Click product image for current price for 4.16 oz
  • Mint free not flavor free
  • Sweetener free
  • Preservative free


So that is probably more than you ever wanted to know about unflavored oral care!  Personally I think the first option on the list, by Cleure, is a great affordable option.  However if you are truly looking for a flavorless option for a picky kid or an autistic child then Oranurse would be your best bet.  Simply scroll up and click on the photo of the product you believe to be the best.

Thanks for reading, and may the force be with your oral care!

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