FODMAPS Diet Plan and Recipes (And a helpful App)

FODMAPS diet plan

So the FODMAPS diet plan is extremely restrictive, and at first glance at all the foods you can’t eat, I’m sure many people are thinking, I’m not going to be able to eat anything normal on this diet! I know that was my initial thought.  This post is a roundup of my experience, and my diet plan for the future including recipe ideas. I’m not an expert nutritionist, but I’m not just writing about this diet, I’m on it, and have seen some real short-term benefits.

Why Low FODMAPS Food?

Back at the beginning of 2014 I started my personal Healthy Geek Challenge, and started exercising, eating healthier, and gaming more!  However, one reason I started this challenge was because I was getting weird feelings in my stomach and experiencing heart burn, when before this point in my life, I had never really suffered from heart burn at all.  This problem helped me realize I wasn’t as healthy as I thought, and I needed to make changes.

Long story short, my doctor said that I was in overall good health, but should consider the FODMAPS diet.  After doing a bit of research on the internet I downloaded the app ‘Simple FODMAPS. This app allows you to quickly search a database of foods to see if they are low FODMAPS foods. If you’d like the deluxe model of this app then checkout The Monash University Low FODMAP Diet APP.

Within only a few days the weird ‘warm feelings’ in my stomach were gone, and was very happy with just that.  I didn’t notice until after breaking the diet that, I was also gas free during that time too.  I started to realize just how uncomfortable I had been eating the high FODMAPS foods, and how much better I felt when I didn’t eat these foods. I was extremely happy, but was I going to be able to stick with the FODMAPS diet plan long-term?


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Where to Start with FODMAPS Meal Planning

This month (May 2014) I challenged myself to read the book  ‘The FODMAPS Solution’ and was happy to find that it was a quick read that did a great job of explaining theFODMAPS meal plan diet. I suggest anyone should spend a month educating themselves on the diet before fully committing. The book, ‘The FODMAPS Solution’ did a great job introducing these concepts, but when it came time to read through the recipes I was disappointed to find that many of the recipes actually included high FODMAP foods.  I suppose you could simple eliminate these foods from the recipe, but overall this left me feeling disappointed.

For this reason I am suggesting you get started by reading the books   It comes highly recommended, and if you purchase through this link you’ll be supporting the site.

FODMAPS Diet Plan and Recipes

The best FODMAPS Recipes resource I’ve found online can be found at, and a secondary source right here

The following is an outline of my FODMAPS diet plan for next month:

I’m a father with two beautiful little girls, and I’d much rather be partaking in hobby time, gaming, or exercising then putting together the perfect meal.  And although my wife does enjoy cooking more then I do, she also has many other activities to fit into a day.  So most of this FODMAPS diet plan consists of quick and affordable meals, not just the best sounding and looking FODMAP recipes. 


Oatmeal: Organic Oatmeal, Hemp seed hearts, Hemp Protein Powder, and Wild blueberries

Eggs and Rice: Organic Rice Cakes, Fresh whole eggs, pepper, garlic infused olive oil.

Smoothie: Crushed Ice, 1/2 cup almond milk, Banana, Strawberries, Hemp Protein Powder.


Turkey Stir fry: Boiled Turkey breasts or thighs, Instant brown rice, FODMAPS friendly mixed vegetables.

Quinoa Mix: Quinoa, bottled red peppers, garlic infused olive oil,

Yogurt: Lactose free yogurt, sliced almonds, hemp seeds hearts, small serving fresh fruit.

Egg White Muffins: Egg whites, fresh sliced veggies, place in muffin pan and bake in oven.


I’ve used the following page as my main resource for suppers, find all the full FODMAPS recipes here.

Chicken and Veggies: Lemon juice, Fresh rosemary, Chicken breast or thighs, and mixed vegetables with garlic infused olive oil.

Burger Salad: Extra lean sliced Burger, washed baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, sliced almonds, garlic infused oil.

Low FODMAPS Tacos: see link above for details.

Chicken and Zucchini Quiche: see link above for details.

Chicken Enchiladas: see link above for details.


  • Cucumber
  • Baby Carrots
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Organic rice cakes, almond butter, and sliced banana
  • Raw Almonds

I’ve suffered too long with gas and stomach issues, and I’m so happy to have found the FODMAPS diet. I’d suggest your first step should always be to educate yourself, so reading IBS: Free at Last! It is wear I would start, and if you purchase you’ll be helping out the Be a Healthy Geek Site. So get started feeling better than you ever have before!


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