9 Fun Games to Play with Your Family

fun games to play with your family

There are many fun games to play with your family, but it is often hard to find games for different age groups.  In this article we will look at some great games to play on family game night for toddlers, elementary kids, Middle School and High School Kids. In today’s age of iPods and virtual reality, it is difficult but important to take the time and make the effort to connect with our children.  We can teach them important critical thinking, communication, and much more.

 Games for Toddlers and Pre-schoolers:

1) Memory Builder – This memory builder game is for children three years and older.  The farm theme is fun and colorful, and look greats. For more information or to purchase simply click the image.  If you do purchase any of the games on this you’ll be supporting the website! Thanks.

2) Froggy Feeding Fun – Another game for children three and older, the folks at Learning Resources suggest this game helps to build fine motor skills, counting sense, and of course color recognition.  This game is my least favourite of the three mentioned here because simply picking up flys with a plastic froggy guy or gal is awesome for the first two minutes.  It gets old pretty quick for you and the kids.

3) My Favourite Preschooler game is actually ‘Roll and Play’ which will ask you and your toddler to create expressive faces, touch different body parts (sounds weird, but it isn’t :-), find items in the room of a variety of colours, count in a variety of ways (like stomping your feet), and making animal nosies. This game is a great teaching tool, and has a giant fluffy die…so what’s not to like!  Click the image to see the current price on Amazon.com.

These are just some of the fun games you can play with your family toddlers, but those above are some of the best! You may also be interested in this post here on turning family time into geeky time!

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More Fun Family Board Games for Elementary Kids:

4) Jungle Speed – is another matching game, but way more fun then any other matching game I’ve ever played before.  You and your family take turns playing cards, if your card matches the previous card played then it is a race to grab the totem in the centre of the table.  I can’t tell you how much laughing we do when we play this game! Click the image for more details and reviews.

5) Forbidden Desert  – This board game by Gamewright is colourful and can be exciting.  I’ve exactly only play Forbidden Island, but I’ve heard that Forbidden desert is even better.  The game has you work co-operatively (great for competitive families like mine :-) to escape a forbidden desert.  Think Indiana Jones.  I personally like the game, but have found that even the short setup time, and slightly more complex rules means kids just lose interest unfortunately.

6) Carcazzone – This is a great map building game that I’ve played a great deal with my nieces when they visit. Basically as a group you take turns building a map and claiming different sections of the map.  The different sections are worth points, and the player with the most points at the end of the game wins! I would just suggest that you leave out the farmer part of the game because most adults seem to have trouble with this, so kids naturally struggle even more.  But the game works very well with this minor change, and can be played co-operatively or competitively as a family depending on how you approach it.  For more details or to purchase click the image.

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Family Board Games for Middle School and High School kids:

Here are even more fun games to play with your family!  You may notice that up unitl now the games have not included violence, but that theme stops here!

7) Bang the Dice Game  – is the new and improved version of “Bang the Card Game.” I’ll admit right now that I haven’t played the new dice game version, but that it does come highly recommended by ‘The D6 Generation.‘ I can say that I love the card game, and have played with my middle school students (yeah I’m a teacher :-) and have played with adults.  Both groups loved the western themed game that predictably sees the Sheriff and his deputies face-off against the outlaws.  Less predictably their is a renegade that wants to take down everyone! Click the image for more details and reviews…

8) Dungeon Fighter – This game looks like the stereotypical Dungeon crawling game, but isn’t at all.  Unfortunately, this is another one that I want to add to my collection, but just haven’t had the cash for yet.  It was first introduced to me at thejerd.com by Jeff Mueller in his International TableTop Day 2014 Report.

9) Small World – Most poeple have played or have at least heard of the board game Risk.  Well Small World is a fantasy themed world conquering game similar to risk, but better in so many different ways! Tom Vasel is the Emperor of the Board Game Community (IMHO), and someone I have repeatedly gone to for board game reviews.  Below is his full review of Small World.

I must give a massive thanks to the D6Generation Podcast guys. Russ, Craig, and sometimes Random Raef have really open my eyes to the many awesome board games there are available, and further more have inspired me to geek more by playing more and more games!  Thanks to these gentlemen, and all the fun they have brought to me and my family and friends.  The list above has been inspired by them, and I know you’ll enjoy the games they’ve recommended as much as I have!

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