The Best Geek Toys for Toddlers, Kids, and Adults

geek toys for kids

What are some of the best geek toys for toddlers, kids, and adults? All to often children are provided with push button toys.  They push a button and get a reaction.  But the best toys help develop the use of imagination and the creative mind.  I tell my students computers and robots will do the majority of labour, and calculations in the future, so it is imperative that you can be creative because the most creative people will be the ones with good paying jobs!

Personally I know I’m more motivated to play with my children when they are playing with toys I’ve bought them, and toys that are related to my geeky interests.  I will often play with other toys, but I prefer the geeky ones!

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1) Costumes – Super Hero, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings costumes are very popular and affordable online.  These allow kids to use their imagination, and create their own stories using heroes from these epic geek adventures.  You could always purchase your own costumes too :-) Click on any of the images to find more details or purchase the product.  If you do you’ll be supporting the website!

2) Building Blocks –  Although not specifically geeky on the outside, I enjoy using building blocks to create space ships, massive castles, and other geeky structures. A good set of building blocks will be wooden, have a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Blocks are also one toy that kids of all ages can enjoy using, especially if you are willing to sit down and play with them! Although I prefer building blocks older children will also enjoy lego.  I would just suggest that instead of simply following the instructions on the lego, have the children create their own scene or structure.

3) Plush Dolls – Although you can find dolls for all the geeky epic stories, I personally think there is nothing better than this Plush Chewbacca by Underground toys.  Having a variety of dolls from various epic science fiction and fantasy stories will allow you and your children to get really creative and create your own epic stories!

4) Board Games – Check out a recent post to of the details on board and card games for children: Fun board Games for the Whole Family!

It is time to set off on an epic adventure with your children.  Will you be dressing up with them? Building star ships? or playing games? Whatever you do enjoy the time you have with your children and share with them your passion for all things geek! A great place to find a massive variety of these geeky toys is on

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