Start a Healthy Eating Lifestyle Change

So you are as determined and fearless as a Space Marine to start a healthy eating lifestyle Change. Changing to a healthier lifestyle really means that you are sleeping, eating, and exercising properly, but for this post we will focus on changing up the nutrition section.  This does not mean starving yourself and eating like a Lord of the Rings elf.  It means eating good tasting whole foods, that will help you feel full.

Healthy Eating Lifestyle Change Quest

Below is a short list of popular main stream nutritional diets, though I prefer the word lifestyle.  For this challenge I would suggest you try one of these lifestyle diets for 30 days.  The first thirdy days are going to be the most work, so hopefully after you get through those first few days you’ll have developed a routine of eating healthier.  A routine that will start a permanent healthy eating lifestyle Change.

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Start a Healthy Lifestyle with these Books

The Zone Diet: For those of you who are systematic ‘The Zone Diet’ is where you want to start.  It gives you a fairly easy system that allows you to count your calories, without actually counting your calories.  I highly recommend this book and lifestyle and hope you’ll consider reading the full review here. (coming soon)

The Paleo Diet: This diet has become extremely popular as of late, but has really been around for a long time.  It is going to ask you to eat like your ancestors.  No processed foods, just healthy micronutrient rich whole foods that hunter gatherers would have eaten.  Discover our full review here. (Also coming soon)

The Mayo Clinic Diet is a bit different then the others, but like this website is all about trying to get you to develop key habits.  It isn’t a restrictive diet, but one that will help you develop long-term healthy nutritional habits. It does teach you how to track your calories, which is necessary if you are interested in losing weight. Read our full review here. (soon)

All three of these ‘diets’ will help you lose the weight you want.  However, you’re doomed to failure if you’re thinking these are a quick fix.  Starting a healthy eating lifestyle change is going to take time and effort, you need to commit to long-term healthy eating, which means you need to commit to these diets as developing a new way of life.  If you don’t like the first one you try, then simply try one of the others, or I know from personal experience, you may eventually grow bored of one of these lifestyles, in which case I recommend trying a new one. Whatever you do, the most important part is to take action.  Read the detailed reviews and decide which of these lifestyles is best for you.

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