Best Healthy Weekly Meal Planner with Grocery List

Meal planning can be a real pain for those of us who live busy lives, so this post is all about the best healthy weekly meal planner with grocery list!  It really sucks to look at the clock, and think, ‘I should have started cooking super an hour ago.’ So, how can you can help with this?  There is a ton of online custom meal planner sites that will have you eating as healthy as a Lord of the Rings elf! Read on for the details…

Custom Meal Planner Challenge:

The challenge here is to sign-up and use one of these custom meal planner websites to help improve your diet for 30 days. If you find it was a waste of time after the 30 days, then move on to another challenge, but you just may find that one of these meal planning sites becomes a regular part of your life.

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Weight Loss Meal Plan Sites:

1) Joy Bauer: a nutrition expert and author has a website with a in depth look at weight loss. She is at the top of the list because she actually points out several foods that can help health issues, such as: diabetes, migraines, and insomnia.

2) Diet to Go: will allow you to create a customizable meal plan and recipes with a focus on weight loss.  Though I’m not a fan of ‘weight loss’ and more a fan of ‘lifestyle change’ this meal planner is still one you should consider.

3) Jillian Michaels has a nice custom meal planner website to accompany her fitness videos and support site.  My wife and I found it very helpful, printing off grocery lists was easy, and so was customizing the diet for two picky eaters. It is worth checking out.

4) Eat this much: Will help you create a meal plan that will help you hit your nutrition targets.  I really like the idea that they can help you with integrating a popular diet like the Zone diet, the Paleo diet, or even a vegan diet.  All of these are more of a lifestyle then really a diet.

5) The Paleo Diet is a site dedicated to providing ideas and inspiration to everyone interested an improving their health through wonderful multinational foods, that are not only awesome for your health, but also awesome for your taste buds! The palaeolithic diet, if you don’t already know, is based on limiting yourself to eating foods only our ancestors would have eaten as hunter gatherers.  It is a concept I discovered in University, and it almost lead to me becoming a nutritionist, so I’m a huge fan of the lifestyle. Detailed review coming soon.

If you have the cash then any of these sites are going to help you reduce the your calorie intake, and up you consumption of healthy vitamins and minerals. So take action, and get some help with the consistent pain of meal planning today!

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