How Ahsoka is Gandalf in Star Wars Rebels

So one of the greatest mysteries in Star Wars history has to be Ahsoka Tano’s suppose-it death at the end Star Wars Rebels season two.

Interesting enough Dave Filoni was actually mentioning around this time that one of his greatest inspirations when writing Rebels was The Lord of the Rings. I remember this vividly because I’m also a huge Lord of Rings fan.

Now what a lot of people forget or don’t know at all is that Dave Filoni was comparing Ahsoka to Gandalf at New York Comic Con when the mid-season trailer hit for Star Wars Rebels season 2.

He said something to the effect that Ahsoka is Gandalf because Ahsoka is able to defend the ghost crew against Darth Vader. Without her Vader would completely wipe out our Rebel heroes.

Just like Gandalf defends the fellowship from the Balrog, Ahsoka ends up defending Ezra and Kanan from Darth Vader in the season two finale.

Now the reason that all of this actually matters of course is that Dave Filoni pretty much confirmed Ahsoka’s return at Star Wars Celebration Orlando.

By now you’ve no doubt seen the photos of Filoni and how he changed his shirt from Ahsoka Lives? To Ahsoka Lives!

And because I’m such a big Lord of the Rings fan I find myself coming back to Filoni mentioning that he draws on Lord of the Rings for inspiration when writing Rebels.

One of the most memorable moments for me in the Lord of the Rings is when Gandalf falls to his death in the mines of Moria.

I remember as a young kid reading the Lord of the Rings books and absolutely refusing accept that Gandalf had actually died.

Not unlike how so many Star Wars Rebels fans have refused to believe that Ahsoka is dead.

And if you’re a fan of Lord of the Rings like I am, then you’ll remember that Gandalf returns in the Two Towers novel wearing shiny new white robes, and is very much alive.

I’m not suggesting that Ahsoka is going to return to Star Wars Rebels season four with white robes, but she could return as a white wolf that we saw in the trailer.

This makes since… because we know also that Dave Filoni loves wolves and we know that early concepts of Ahsoka included sketches with her riding a wolf.

So I could be completely wrong here, but it would certainly seem to me that Dave Filoni has continued to take inspiration from Gandalf when writing his favourite character Ahsoka.

But exactly why is she returning?

Gandalf returns in the Two Towers and helps defend Helms Deep and eventually Minas Tirth.

So will Ahsoka help the Rebels liberate Lothal from the Empire?

Will she be back to defend the rebels against Darth Vader?

Will she simply come to the rescue of the Rebels when they need her most. Similar to say the Lord of the Rings Eagles?

I’ll have another video coming out in the next couple weeks that addresses these questions, so if you enjoyed this discussion of Ahsoka please subscribe.

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