How to Complete a Project on Time Like a Grandmaster Geek

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Geek nation, meaning all geeks everywhere, have a massive variety of hobby interests.  Many of us have a book we’d like to write, a model to assemble, drawings to create, or maybe a massive RPG adventure you’ve always wanted to find the time to do. Well this post is designed to help you find the time to finish that project!

So how do you complete a project on time?

1) Mindset: Just like when you attempt to make a healthy lifestyle change, finishing your project is all about determination.  Think about the finished project, and how happy you’ll be with it finished.

2) The List: this may make your hobby seem like work, but by breaking a larger task into smaller tasks, you feel awesome each time you finish part of the project…

3) Deadlines: enter a competition, so you must have your project finished.  Also, you could set a date to use your project with friends or share it with friends.

4) Schedule: block out time within your weekly or daily schedule to work on your project.  This maybe the most important tip on this list.  Make time for your project, or it won’t get finished.

5) Ready to go: Have your geeky project ready to go in a clean environment.  This will allow you to sit down, and get to work right away.  You won’t need to take it out of a box, or your won’t need to clean up your work area.

6) Stealing: steal a little bit of time whenever you can.  If your kids are down for a nap, or perhaps you can get up a little earlier in the morning, or work on your project during your lunch time.

7) Group work: find like minded people and create a regular night to Skype or do a Google Hangout.  This way you can catch-up with old friends while you complete your project, and you’ll be encouraged by the others progress!

8) Challenge: a friend to complete a similar project.  The competition should motivate you to complete the project, but just be sure to challenge your most productive friend!

9) Give to get: make sure your giving time to others in your life that deserve it, and they should give you the time you need to complete your hobby project.

We all have unfinished projects, or maybe even a project you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t even tried.  Do you really want to go your entire life without completing or even attempting this project? Well get started today and bookmark this page to help you!

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