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What geek does not want to learn how to geek more? Well I don’t have all the answers, but here are some challenges which will help you to diversify your hobbies, games, and hopefully meet new people and make new friends!

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Even if you are exercising, eating healthy, and sleeping well, your are not going to be happy unless your making the time for your hobby, gaming time, and hanging out to chat with friends.  These challenges are meant to motivate you to do just that…get your geek on!


1) Get the app for that! whatever your into whether it is movies, board gaming, or technology news their are apps that let you plan your next move, communicate with others, or simple play a game related to your favourite geek niche.  Find our list of great apps to help get your geek on here: How to start a geek routine or tradition.

2) Family time can be geek time! It is always nice to ask your kids how they would like to spend their time with you, but kids often want to do the same things their parents are doing.  So, in this article we challenge you to: Make Geek time family Time!

3) Join a new hobby or gaming message board and make a positive post at least once a day. You make this a habit, and you may be surprised how great it feels to be part of an online community. The key is to contribute…do not be a lurker! Checkout the suggestions in the second part of this article here.

Normal Challenges:

4) Try a new game with friends or family.  Sometimes board games are massive and take hours to play like Risk or Battleship.  But as suggested by there are a ton of fast and easy to learn games out nowadays.  Some use main stream themes like ‘Bang’ a western  card game, and are more hardcore fantasy and Sci-fi.  Pick one that suits you from our top picks here: Try a new tabletop game!

5) Get active on social media or try a new social site.  Many Geeks have long been fans of social media, but many struggle to find the time.  Just like message boards it can be great to connect with other members of the geek community. Develop your social media plan here.

6) How to complete your geek project! In this post we challenge you to finish off the geeky project you’ve been putting off forever! Click here for me details.

Difficult Challenges:

7) Start a geek routine or tradition: that can help ensure you enjoy your favourite geek more often. Whether it’s movie night, game night, or a hobby night a regularly planned event is a sure way to have more fun. See our tips for creating and maintaining a routine geek night.

8) Starting a blog or podcast: can keep yourself accountable, and therefore make sure you are getting in hobby or gaming time. In addition creating a website has never been easier. If you can sign up for email then you can start a blog. Check out all the options here.

9) Organizing a community event can be extremely rewarding, and will not only allow you to meet new people, but will also allow your community to geek more!

10) Geek Fashion – It isn’t easy being a fashionable geek, but the tips and examples given in this post will help you avoid many of the pitfalls! Geek Fashion Clothing.

Thank you for reading how to geek more, and I hope you can fit more geek stuff into your life! Please check back as this post will be revisited and updated often.  You may also be interested in our other challenges that keep you a healthy and happy geek.  Find more here: 30 Day Fitness Challenge Ideas.  And finally, if you enjoyed this article, and think a friend or family member would like to read it please share on the social media network of your choice.

Credit for photos: Stormtrooper gamer – JD Hancock Geek Shirt – Luís Eduardo Catenacci

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