How to Start a Geek Blog for Free

how to start a geek blog for free



It was’t that long ago I was searching the web trying to find out how to start a geek blog for free? It isn’t easy to decide with so many options, but this post will help with the decision.  You may also be thinking why would you ever want to take the time and effort to setup a blog to share your geeky exploits or insights?  Well there are many reasons you should consider setting up your own blog including being part of the geeky online community.  Geek Nation is full of great people, and this is just one way to get to know them!

The Challenge:

This 30 day Challenge really has two parts: 1) blog setup. 2) content creation.  As you add more content to the site, you can take a break from writing and improve the site in some way. But remember the most important thing is to have actual content on your site.  Personally, I like to write two weeks worth of posts in one week, then this will give you at least one week to improve the blog and sharing content before you are back to writing.  If you are just starting out, don’t worry about the length of your posts, most folks really enjoy photos, so just keep it short, and share images of what you’ve been Geeking out on!

Why I Blog And Blog Basics:

As I’ve already mentioned blogging is a great way to connect with other people.  If you want your blog to get traffic then you must take action and network with other bloggers.  Most of us geeks are introverts, which means that we mainly stick to ourselves.  However, starting a blog can give you a reason to start reaching out to others, and you’ll be surprised how fast you can build a network on friends online.  Just remember your not a sales person, find content you love, promote it, link to it, and chat to the content creators on social media.  Some of those folks will become friends, and promote your work. Be genuine.

How to Start a Blog for Free:

One thing to remember about blogging for free is that you don’t have full control over your content, and once you upload enough images the provider will most likely ask you to pay a small fee.  For example my wife was running a family site, it was mostly photos of our family fun, and she was asked to pay $2 per month after only a few months of having the site up in running. So beware! is a great way to get started in blogging, and in some cases people just use it as a place to share photos very similar to social media, as I suggested in this social media post. I’ve been told by many students that is extremely easy to use, so is a good place to start if you’re looking for something straight forward!  Find an awesome up to date tutorial here: Tumblr tutorial. this is my favourite platform for free blogging because it is simple to get started, but has a ton of templates so you can customize your site. Check out a great blogger tutorial here. and are two other possible sites as well, and there are a ton of other sites that allow you to blog for free.  However, Tumblr and Blogger are my top picks!

I also suggest you seriously consider investing in your own web hosting, and I’ll be creating a post on setting up your own piece of Internet property in the future!

You will be surprised just how many folks will enjoy your content, and how many friends and contacts you will make. Be a true geek and get your own home base on the Internet today!  Thank you for reading, and please consider sharing this post on your platform of choice…

Photo Credit: Mike Licht

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