How to start a geeky Routine or Tradition

Starting a hobby, gaming, or entertainment tradition can ensure that on a regular basis you are able to do the things you enjoy! The best part is that once the routine or tradition is up and running, there isn’t as much planning involved, and you and people you are participating with know when this special event is taking place.


For example, when I was living in Northern Canada I helped to start and maintain a miniature wargaming club that met regularly on Friday nights.  This made life easier for me, and other gamers in the area because we knew exactly where and when to meet if we wanted to play games. This means there is less co-ordination that has to take place increasing the chances of getting in weekly games.  Of course, you still need to co-ordinate on what games, and who you play with, but this can be taken care of by using a forum or Facebook group.

Instead of wargaming night you could simply have a movie night, board game night, online video game night, a hobby meet up night, or a game or hobby night using Skype or Google Hangouts. Another example would be simply scheduling into your daily or weekly routine some hobby time


Weekly or monthly routines are a great way to make sure you are enjoying the games or hobbies you love.  But whycomiccon not commit to a yearly tradition as well.  For many geeks going to conventions is a great way to meet up with friends, and experiencing something special. Conventions are usually a big commitment time and money wise, so they most likely aren’t going to be something that is part of your weekly or monthly routine.  However, they can be a tradition that motivates you all year long, and a goal that creates excitement and energy in your life.

The Challenge:

The challenge is to commit to a weekly, monthly routine, or a yearly tradition.  My weekly tradition is playing online games with friends. My monthly goals, are attending wargaming, and board gaming nights, and I’ve committed to making Halcon this year, which will hopefully become a tradition.  These are all events I enjoy, look forward, and they really help keep me refreshed and happy.  So if you don’t already have a games night, then your missing out!

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