How to Start a Workout Routine at Home and be Successful


How to start a workout routine at home is a question that many will ask, but few will reflect on what exactly they will need to do in order to successfully maintain to fitness routine.  This article will guide you through some basic tips that will help you find a successful exercise routine.  Whether it’s yoga, running, walking, or just general exercise these tips will help you out.

The 30 Exercise Challenge: Home Workout

The Challenge itself is to create a weekly exercise routine and stick with it for one month.  If you find you have more energy, and are feeling healthier then continue with the routine.  But what if you fail? You’re not going to get in trouble, reflect and try again…there is no failure unless you completely give up. Just keep going, and be be just a determined as Gandalf facing down the Balrog!

1) Clear weekly Routine: for me personally I really like daily exercise routine.  10 to 15 minutes of intense exercise everyday.  Others like longer workout routines Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  Psychologically it is just harder to motivate yourself on Friday, and on the weekends, but what ever you do, have a plan!

2) Clothes Ready: Have a bag with your workout clothes in them, or if you workout at home like I do, then have a place you put your clothes every night. This just eliminates another obstacle between you and your workout.

3) Have a Goal: For me this is easy, I just sign-up for a competitive run every three months.  This keeps me accountable and motivated to continue my workouts.  If you are a weight lifter you could look into fitness shows, and there are also general fitness obstacle course races in most places too. Remember, working towards and achieving goals makes people happy.

4) Your Why? Why exactly are you working out? Is it because you want to be a good role model for your children, or because you want to be have more energy? Have a why, several if possible, and remind yourself constantly.

5) Start with the End! This sounds really strange, but is a simple concept that can help you with more then just your workout.  Think about how good you’re going to feel at the end of your workout, not how hard the exercise will be.

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6) Change: Be sure to challenge yourself in a new way if you get bored with your routine.  Walk further, lift more, or try a new type of exercise.  Apps can be great help with new workout challenges.

7) Hydrate: be sure to eat properly and drink lots of water.  Not only will this help you lose weight, but it will also help you have great fitness sessions.

9) Challenge Someone: whether you challenge a friend and share your results on social media, or join a yoga class with a friend, this is just another way to keep you accountable.  Just make sure friend isn’t a slacker!

10) Your Smartphone: Harness the power of the computer in your pocket.  Whether it is listening to music, which is scientifically proven to help you workout, using an app to generate new workout ideas, or tracking your distance, there’s an app for that!

So it’s time to go for it! You could read ten more articles on fitness tips or you could get out their and actually get started now! What are you waiting for? Be sure to share this on social media if you found it helpful, and checkout our latest post at (after you start exercising!).

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Photo: Adrià Ariste Santacreu via Flickr

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