How to Stop Snacking so Much


Many of us could easily shed several pounds by answering the question: how to stop snaking so much? Snacking at night can really help you to pile on the extra calories, so it’s time to arm yourself with simple tricks that can help you stop snacking in its tracks. You maybe thinking, but I actually really enjoy snacking! I don’t want to give it up…and the truth is you don’t need to give it up all together, just be more strategic about it, and lastly as with all our challenges you only need to try it for thirty days, after that it is either a habit, or you move on to another weight-loss strategy.

The How to Stop Snacking Challenge:

I know all to often, I head to the fridge or cupboards during the evening looking for some extra food.  And this wouldn’t be a problem, if it only happened once during the night, but if I’m hungry I sometimes subconsciously head back to the cupboards, over and over again.  I’m especially bad when I come home from work hungry, I’ll park myself in front of the cupboards, and snack on several different items before I eat supper.  This is a recipe for weight gain, and a habit that can be hard to break, but following these tips will help you eat more like Tolkien’s fantasy elves and less like his dwarves!

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Stop Snacking So Much Now!

1) Drink Water: Many times when we feel hungry, we are actually thirsty.  Most people simply do not drink enough water, so drink water, and it will help you feel full, and it should help prevent you from eating too much extra calories at night.

2) Brush your teeth: How to stop snacking at night is an easily answered question: brush your teeth!  I never want to ruin that fresh feeling in my mouth, and I know if I eat anything it will taste funny…

3) Chew Gum: If you aren’t a huge fan of brushing your teeth, or it just doesn’t seem to work for you.  Having the gum in your mouth will automatically make you think twice about eating.  I mean who wants food stuck in their gum right?

4) Drink Tea: Drinking green, white, or even black tea with nothing in it is a great way to make yourself consume something with little to no calories.  I’d suggest decaffeinated though, of course you don’t want to be up all night, and you certainly don’t want to dehydrate yourself as this can lead to even more snacking as mentioned above.

How to Stop Snacking at Night

5) Protein Shake: If you don’t eat enough protein during a meal then chances are you’re not going to feel full.  Health Guru Sam Graci suggest you should have at least twenty grams of lean protein with every meal.  If for some reason you still feel very hungry after a meal, and you realize you didn’t have enough protein, then a protein shake is a quick way to get the extra protein you need, and stop you from snacking on tons of extra calories.

6) Higher Quality and Higher Fibre: If you are eating higher quality food such as, brown rice instead of white rice, then you should be getting more fibre in your diet.  More fibre means you should feel full longer, and have less drive to snack.

7) Schedule your snacks: A great way to stop yourself from snacking is by scheduling a night time snack.  Have a low calorie healthy snack that you have every night.  It should include some protein, and high quality fat to help fill you up. Barry Sears, author of “The Zone Diet” suggests you have three small balanced snacks everyday between meals.

Other suggestions:

8) Hobby Time: Keeping yourself engaged and busy well working on a hobby can help prevent or break snacking habits.  If you’re really into what every your hobby is, then there is a good chance that a good deal of time will pass by without any chance for snacking. 

9) Television snacking: Jillian Michaels suggests that one of the worst things you can do is snack in fount of the television.  She suggests if you are going to snack, then focus on the food don’t mindlessly consume food in front of the television.

How to stop snacking so much isn’t an easy question to answer, but hopefully these tips will help you. It will always be a challenge to stop yourself from eating a little extra at night, but having a clear list of strategies to prevent yourself from snacking, could save you a great deal of extra calories and weight gain. Remember you shouldn’t feel like your are starving yourself at any point.  If you do, then you need more protein in your diet.  This little nutrition challenge just may lead to you losing a considerable amount of weight over the long run…so commit to challenge yourself today.

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