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So, how to wake up to your alarm well rested, is easier said then explained.  Especially, if you are a parent of young children, like me, you may have completely given up on getting a good night sleep. But there is hope for everyone to become well rested, and here is a list of challenges to help you become a better sleeper, so that you can find more energy to do whatever geekness you are passionate about!

If you aren’t sure with how the challenges are suppose to work then you’ll want to back track to this post titled: 30 Day Challenge List.

How to Feel Well Rested

So remember sleeping challenges may seem like a waste of time, but in fact they are the most important of all. If you are tried your less likely to spend the effort to make a healthy meal or exercise.

Easy Challenges:

1) Reading or listening to a book on how to feel well rested is an excellent way to get started.  You can read before bed to help yourself relax, or could listen to an audiobook during your commute to work.  Either way your going to educate yourself, and become a better sleeper. We will soon have an article of our top suggestions here.

2) Using sleeping aids is another easy way to wake up rested.  Many of us are lucky to live in quiet neighbourhoods, but others live next to busy intersections. Good old fashion ear plugs, face masks, or even humidifiers and sound therapy machines. Find some of the best sleeping aids listed in this article.

3) Sleeping Apps are an interesting way to use your smartphone.  And no I don’t just mean an alarm clock, there are several apps which will track your movement at night and even wake you just at the right time in the morning, so you feel well rested. We have a list of the best apps here.

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Normal Challenges:

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4) Supplements are one way how to wake up to your alarm well rested.  Most sleeping supplements help you relax and de-stress.  I’ve used essential oils lavender to to help relax before sleep time, and have had a lot of success with adrenal support supplements as well.

5) Routines are great to ensure children fall asleep on time, and it works for adults too!  In an upcoming article we will list for you a variety of ways to ensure you fall a sleep on time.

6) Nap Time: take a nap and super charge yourself for the afternoon or evening. Here are our tips on how to make it happen!

Difficult Challenges:

7) The 8 hour experiment is what many people believe they need to wake up feeling well rested.  But as Dr. Christopher Winter suggests the amount of sleep people need varies as much as the amount people need to eat. So for this challenge you will experiment to find out exactly how much sleep you need. I know personally 7 hours is about perfect for me, but I’ll feel better rested when I get closer to eight hours of sleep.

8) The X factor is a 30 day challenge in which you commit to getting your perfect amount of sleep.  Remember that you may have less hours in the run of a day, but those hours should be more productive!

9) The Pillow Challenge: We often cheap out on our pillows or beds.  In this article we look at the best bang for your buck when it comes to getting a comfortable sleep.

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