I Want to Start Eating Healthy! But How?

how to make healthy eating a habit

I want to start eating healthy today! Well you’ve come to the right place, because with our 30 day challenges we will help you understand how to make healthy eating a habit. Today we will look at how simple additions to your diet will help you become a healthier and happier geek.  The great thing about these challenges is you don’t need to change your diet, you just need to add a new element.

Speaking about challenges you can checkout how our challenges can work for you here, or you can see an overview of all our nutrition challenge ideas here.

How to make a healthy eating a habit? 30 Day Challenges!

Remember when picking a challenge think of the deficiencies in your diet, your personal tastes, and which of these challenges you may adopt long-term to help you create your healthier lifestyle.

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1) Green tea is a great way to add a daily burst of cancer fighting antioxidants to your diet. The taste is definitely an acquired one, but try it for 30 days and if you haven’t grown accustom to the taste then try another challenge. (I suppose the title should have been I want to start eating healthy or drinking healthy!)

2) Protein before supper is a great way to be sure that your glycemic index stays balanced after the meal.  Okay so what does this actually mean? It means that protein is known to help you have that full feeling, and a lot of folks don’t actually eat enough protein during there meals to help them feel full.  So, mixing up a little protein with water or milk, and drinking it before your supper, can really help you from snacking or feeling hungry later in the evening.

3) Spinach with supper is a great way to add some extra cancer fighting/preventing vitamin A to your diet. As Barry Sears suggests in ‘The Top 100 Zone Foods’ Popeye really knew what he was doing! On a more serious note Dr. Sears also suggests that spinach has the highest Antioxidant per gram of carbohydrate ratio in a leafy green, and can help stop ‘bad’ cholesterol forming in your arteries. Spinach is truly a Superhero food, and purchasing pre-washed bags can make it extremely easy to add as a side dish to a meal.  Adapting to the taste can be helped by using a little low fat vinaigrette, and remember the challenge only lasts 30 days, unless you decide to continue with the routine!

4) Frozen Vegetables  are another easy way to add a health kick to your usual meals.  Very easy to steam, and despite what many think they are actually extremely healthy for you because the vegetables are harvested and frozen after they have matured. This means they are healthier then a lot of the vegetable that you would get in the super market that are picked before they mature, and therefore have less vitamins and minerals.

hemp seeds 5) Hemp Seeds are a great topping for cereal, yogurt, or even in a salad.  I use them in my breakfast cereal for some extra protein, healthy omega fats, and even fiber.  As Live Strong suggests these little seeds are a super food that isn’t really going to alter the taste of your regular breakfast, so you can enjoy your usually meals, but with an little extra health punch!  Just remember ‘With great power, comes great responsibility’ meaning this health punch is high in calories, so make sure you limit yourself to 2- 3 tablespoons on your cereal!

Thanks for reading! Remember you only need to complete these challenges for a grand total of 30 days.  If you haven’t gotten used to the idea after the thirty days then simply move on.  Lifestyle change is a long-term commitment, not a short-term fix, but you can do it!  Once and a while repeat to yourself, I want to start eating healthy, and you maybe surprised just how good you’ll do…

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