Join a Fitness Club or Sports Team

So many people hate to exercise, but enjoy playing sports.  So, if your one of those people then why not play join a sports club? You don’t need to have been athletic in high school to play casual sports, and you’ll most likely find a team that actual needs players.  Your team isn’t going to be as cool as The Avengers, but what team is?

Clear Cut Healthy Habit Challenge:

Find a team or club and join it! Try this for 30 days, and you may just find that you start to look forward to it. I know many of us parents will say that we don’t have the time, though many casual sports are seasonal, and just one night a week.  We all have the time if we are determined to make the time.

Here are some ideas for trying to find a club or team in your area.


Clubs are a great way to meet new people, keep yourself accountable, and stay motivated.  And with the internet, and social media they are easier to find then ever. Try joining one of the following:

– Walking clubs are popular- Most cities have running clubs- Curling clubs or teams (I’m Canadian eh!)- Cross fit groups can give you a lot of the same benefits as a club- Bowling clubs

Casual Sports:

Casual teams usually play games once a week, and don’t actually practice. There are usually experienced leaders on these teams that are more then happy to show you the basics. It can be difficult joining a team without having a friend already on the team, but as I’ve already mentioned many of these teams need players to help boost their numbers, and will be happy you’ve joined.

A list of sports you could research:

– Football or Soccer- Volleyball- Rowing- Basketball- Baseball or Cricket

One last tip:

Find a team or club that meet or play games on the same day each week. This way it is easy for you to remember when you are playing, and it is easy to let family and friends know when you are playing games.

Remember, this is only a 30 day healthy habit challenge, so if you really aren’t enjoying it after those 30 days then try another challenge! Please share this via social media, and maybe you’ll find someone willing to join a club or team with you.  Checkout the latest posts at

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