Lularoe Start Up Costs and Supplies List


In this post we will cover Lularoe consultant start up costs including your inventory costs, and other odds and ends that you’ll need to be a successful consultant.

Why Lularoe:

It’s always nice to have some extra income, and my wife has several online friends that have doing really well as consultants for Lularoe.  So we’ve been doing some research on how to get started selling the clothing line, and I thought it’d be a good idea to share those findings since there doesn’t seem to be a lot of information on the internet about the subject.

Initial Inventory Costs:

The biggest of the Lularoe consultant costs is the actual clothing that you’ll be selling.  This is a five thousand dollar investment.  That’s right five thousand dollars, and with that comes a kit and inventory. Now you need to keep in mind that this is in American dollars, so if your one of the folks in Canada, that’s going to increase your costs by about 25%.

Now the important thing to remember is that your getting about ten thousand dollars in product, and that if your consultant business completely tanks, you can always sell your stock to other more successful consultants, or even sell it off at a discount price on local classifieds or eBay if you really needed to.  This isn’t allowed according to Lularoe HQ, but if you opted out of being a consultant, I can’t see what they could do to stop you.

Shipping Expenses

From what my wife and I have uncovered it seems that their is a lot of Lularoe sales made online.  Not through websites like you’d expect, but via Facebook groups.  So this means that shipping is a major part of becoming a consultant.  So one of the biggest investments you’ll need to make besides your inventory is a shipping Labeller.

The DYMO LabelWriterLularoe Start Up Costs

  • Creates a variety of label types
  • NO ink or toner needed
  • Prints extremely quickly
  • Price: click the product image for current price

Purchase the label printer at a discount here.

Other shipping supplies:

  • DYMO Label Writer
  • Dymo labels
  • Business cards
  • Thank you Cards or stickers
  • Poly mailers (You’ll want large, medium and small.)
  • Packing Tape

Photography Supplies and Costs:

The second major expenses beyond you investment in clothing would be photography supplies and setup.  We are in the twenty first century so most of us have a digital camera or smartphone with a good camera included, but that is only half the battle.  My wife and I have found their is a great deal of difference in online clothing presentation from one consultant to the next.  Some just hang their clothes on the back of a door, and take a photograph with poor lighting.  Other have a start up costs photographydress form or mannequin with a white board next to it with details for purchasing.

Overall I think the most important part of your photography is lighting.  Your house lights are most likely going to make the clothes look yellow, or at the very least off color.  My wife has already had an experience were she bought some Lularoe leggings, and she thought it was a peach color when it was actually a bright orange color.  You don’t want your customers to have this experience.

  • LimoStudio Photography Lighting
  • Comes with two white umbrella lights
  • Flash capable umbrella
  • Bags to pack away everything
  • Price: click the product image for current price

Discover better photography with this lighting kit here.

Other photography supplies:

  • Dress form
  • whiteboard (to display price and size)
  • Photography lighting kit
  • Backdrops
  • Camera tripod (To help with shaky hands)

Storage Supplies and Expenses:lularoe start up costs

So we have shipping and photography costs out of the way, and the one last remaining expense is really something or things to help you organise your inventory. Hangars and tubs are a good idea, but so is a hangar rack.  This will make life easier allowing you to easily find clothing for photography, and then hopefully for shipping.  My wife and I will be starting with one of these, but I know we will most likely need two in the future. Make sure you stay organized with this clothing rack.


  • Price: click the product image for current price
  • Organised your inventory
  • Looks great as a backdrop for Youtube videos

Other start up costs:

  • Hangers
  • Skirt Hangers
  • Storage Containers
  • Shoe Organisers (For leggings)



It’s important to remember that there are significant costs associated with a Lularoe start up.  Inventory of $5000 dollars, plus you could easily spend another $1000 dollars on setting up your shipping, photography, and organization.

You may also want to think about Pop-up part supplies, and even some office supplies too.
Overall six thousand dollars isn’t a cheap business start-up, but you need to spend money to make money.
I hope that was helpful, and I know it’s not the usual topics we cover here, but staying healthy and geeky often times means making some extra money!


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