Making Running a Habit! My Healthy Habits Quest January 01/2014

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Welcome to my first of many blog posts about my Healthy Habits Quest!  The hope is that these will be a bit of inspiration, as I report on building healthy habits. In addition they should outline how this entire challenge thing may actually benefit you. I hope this blog series will be as inspirational as the latest ‘Superman’ film, well actually, more inspirational than that…but you get the idea!

Screenshot_2014-02-02-22-47-26Fitness Habit or Snowman Running

So I’m more of a Dwarven runner: good over short distances!  But despite this, I’ve decided to take up distance running and quickly decided it was extremely stupid goal to set in January, but that was exactly what I decided to do for this months fitness habit.  I live on Canada’s East Coast, so it can get fairly cold, and it snows quite often. That has meant i’ve ran, or attempted to run, through -30 degree celsius temperatures, and I’ve ran during and after actual blizzards.  I’m planning on maintaining running as a daily challenge, and I’m thinking it’s all down hill from here.

Some of the keys to my success in running 28 out of 31 days in January where, having clothes ready and prepared, starting to blog about my fitness goals, and finally entering into a 8k race at the end of February. Having the clothes ready meant I couldn’t procrastinate, much. And of course the 8k race and blog are keeping me accountable. So making running a habit has worked so far!

Geek More Challenge – Create Something – A Blog

So for my geek challenge this month I started this very website, and I’ve managed to pump out about four posts a week, and well over seven thousand words.  I’m extremely happy with this accomplishment, and hope that you’ll consider taking a similar challenge in the future. Find details taking a geek challenge here.

I believe the key to accomplishing this goal was to write a minimum of 200 words every night. Now that it’s the end of the month I’m thinking I could do even more, so  250 words everyday is next months goal.

Online Gaming FTW!

This month I’ve managed to maintain my weekly online gaming with some high school buddies of mine, mostly playing a dated but interesting game called ‘Brink.’  I’d recommend it if you want a cheap game to play online with friends because it allows for eight player co-op campaign games, and this is hard to come by on the PS3, or for any platform for that matter.  Of course, I’ve also been playing some NHL14 with friends, I am Canadian after all!


wargamingYou can see a picture of my current Warhammer Fantasy project to the right, and although I haven’t made a lot of time to play or paint this month that will be changing next month…so stay tuned to my twitter feed for updates! I have, however, managed to get back to a lot of my old time favorite wargaming podcasts however like, The D6 Generation, War and More Radio, and Bad Dice Daily.


I’ve also been indulging the geek in me by reading Divergent.  The book is really slow starting, but as a Social Studies teacher I find myself extremely interested in the society and factions of people, and the characters are slowly growing on me.  I got the book for my wife for Christmas, and she read the entire series in four days.  I’ve been reading a chapter every night to my 2 year old daughter, so it’s slow going, but it is one way to get in a little family time combine with geek time, as I elaborate on in this post.  I really want to get back to the Hourus Hersey books next, and I know my daughter will really enjoy them. Don’t worry, I’ll be reading her princess books too :)



To Nap or Not to Nap

Sleeping is very important for weight loss, and general success in life.  If you’re tired you’re going to have a much harder time having a productive day, period. So this month I took on the challenge of finding a good nap time.  I’m very proud to say that just about every night I read to my oldest daughter.  And this is awesome, but I always     found it such a struggle to get up from reading with her, and go for my run.  So I decided to take my phone with me while I read, and once she’s sleeping I set the alarm, and have about 20 minutes to have a nap.

Quiet please! Sleeping geeks.The majority of the time I wake-up feeling refreshed, and ready to go for my run!  You can checkout all the other sleeping challenges I suggest here.

Nutrition Challenge



Many of us are so blessed to have access to super foods that can power our bodies.  I’ve create a list, right here, that details some of these powerful foods, and suggest that a nice easy nutrition challenge is simply adding one of these amazing foods into your diet on a regular basis.  For example, this month I picked baby spinach, it’s easy to keep in the fridge and just take out to add to any meal.  This diet change isn’t going to make me lose tons of weight, but it is going to make me a healthier person, which ultimately should be the goal.

Thank you so much for reading through my first of many Healthy Habit Reports, and I hope you’ll consider taking one of the many 30 day challenges I’ve listed on the site, and start your quest to be a healthy geek!  Please consider sharing this post if you think it may inspire someone you know.

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