Motivational Fitness App Map My Run! My Healthy Habits Report February 02/2014


Welcome to my second challenge journal! This is where I look back at the month and assess how I’ve done on my challenges and goals. If you’d like to know more about how the challenge thing works, check out this post. I’m happy to report that I have made progress on all my challenges this month, but unfortunately haven’t actually met every goal I’ve set. Read on to get all the details!

30 Day Fitness Challenge:

Before the race I wasn’t feeling so well…

Running, running, running. This month I was to continue running each day, but use the app ‘Map My Run’ each and every run. This had a massive impact on my running habits.  First, the app tracks your distance via GPS, so I found out I wasn’t running as far I thought I was. Secondly, the app shares to Twitter and Facebook, so simply knowing I was going to be sharing my running times with the world, meant I was motivated to run faster.  Overall, I’m very happy with the impact the app had on my training, and suggest you use a similar motivational fitness app to help you.  Checkout this post on great fitness apps here.


After the race feeling like I’m on cloud 9…

The Race:

One of my long-term goals for the year was to take part in a running a race every three months.  I knew that having a race to work toward would help me stay focused and keep me training! On February 23 I took part in the Frostbite Five Miler road race.  It was a great experience, and going into the race I wanted to have a record time of under 50 minutes.  In total my time was 41 minutes, so I was extremely happy with how well it went, and I am looking forward to attending my next race in early June.  I suggest if you are challenging yourself to exercise you keep yourself accountable by signing up for one of these events, most races include walkers, and their are even obstacle races for those who find running boring. Find a race today!


The Knock on Effect:

Even though I’ve ran around 50 km leading up to this race, and ran faster than I thought was possible, I’m actually most proud of the fact that I convinced my wife to take part in the race too!  It has gotten her active, and she has committed to run again in June with me.

Gaming and Geekiery Goals

This Month’s Challenge

My big gaming or geek challenge this month was to paint wargaming miniatures three times a week.  I wanted to establish a routine, for my painting, as I discuss in this post on creating routines and traditions. Unfortunately, I managed to paint only 5 out of the 12 days I was hoping for?dogs

So, I could give up, and just say I’m too busy to paint miniatures. But that isn’t true, I painted five times more this month then the previous month.  But why didn’t I get in the twelve paintingChaos_warhounds sessions? I didn’t really have a clear enough goal, such as exactly what I was trying to paint, and by when? Why was I painting? and when was I going to do it?  I knew this was going to be a difficult goal, and should have answered these questions before starting.

Former Challenges

I managed to continue my online gaming with friends, playing ‘Red Dead Redemption’ a couple times, and of course some NHL14 ice hockey! I’m really happy with being able to spend time with old friends on a regular basis, but have noticed, I feel less necessity to meet with them in person because I know I’ll be chatting with them online.

I’m also going to be looking into playing bloodbowl online…I know my friends @ATT64 and @holy_vindicater have been playing bloodbowl, and I’ve been chatting to @thevampireduke about it as well.  It will be one of the things I’m trying to include in my monthly routine in the future!

In addition I’ve managed to continue writing 200 words per day for the this very blog! Although I’ve managed to fall

Before the race I wasn’t feeling so well…

behind in preparing to publish my work…

Nutrition Goals

This month for my nutrition challenge I was trying to stop snacking…period. I wasn’t able to completely stop, but there was only three days in which the snacking was out of control.  This is a major change, since I’d usually have trouble with snacking too much two or three times a week.  I have an up coming post here: About how to stop snacking.  Out of all the tips I mentioned in the list, I found that simply eating more healthy food during the day, meant I wasn’t hungry at night. I feel this has been a huge success, but know I need to continue packing larger lunches if I want to continue my success!

I have also been able to maintain my previous months goals of eating spinach on a regular basis, although it’s been several times a week, not everyday.

Sleep Challenge

sleepbotFor this month’s sleep goal I wanted to use the android app, SleepBot.  There are similar iOS apps in the App Store. This is an app that tracks your sleep cycles, your sleep time, and wakes you up gently using an alarm which gradually increases in noise level.  You can find out more about this type of sleeping app here. I’ve found the most useful of the three features is actually just the alarm.  Being slammed into consciousness with a buzzer, or even the radio, sucks. The SleepBot alarm starts out very quietly, and slowly rises in intensity, so it gently wakes you.  In addition, I like how the app displays your previous nights total sleep time, so you are reminded about just how much sleep you are getting.

On the flip side I have found that the phone rarely wakes me up early in a sleep cycle, which means, I’m not too sure if it can actually track my sleep cycles.  I know that having a memory foam mattress, like I do, makes it difficult for the app to track though.  And Finally, I’ve long kept my alarm far away from the bed, so I need to get out of bed if I actually want to turn it off.  So, the fact that my phone is on the bed tracking my movements means I don’t need to get out of bed to turn it off. This is a problem because I’ve actually slept in a couple times, since I’m used to getting out of bed. However, I’m going to start setting my ‘real’ alarm to go off right after my Sleepbot alarm, so I do actually need to get out of bed.

Now you’ve managed to scan through, or actually read through all one thousand words of this post.  It’s time to go take some action.  I’ve only been taking these challenges for two months, and already they’ve had a massive impact on my life.  I’ve lost weight, I sleep better, I have better eating habits.  Take a challenge today…even if it is just one challenge to get yourself started, but be determined to change your habits, and you never know what will happen?


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