My Daily Jedi Workout Routine

Hello Geek Nation and welcome to the Be A Healthy Geek blog.  Today I’m sharing what I believe is the best Jedi workout routine. I’ve included some videos from my new Youtube channel Force Within TV.

Now I haven’t tried every type of exercise under the sun, but I have spent a great deal of time in the gym doing circuits, lifting heavy, and even doing plyometrics. I’ve also done a great deal of mountain biking, skipping, and running.  All of these exercises burn calories, and generally make me feel great, but in my opinion they aren’t the best way to exercise. You can totally feel free to disagree with me! In fact if you do, let me know in the comments below…

I’ve found that yoga has actually been the best type of exercise for me, and makes me feel calm and confident like a Jedi Knight!

Benefits of Working out like a Jedi Knight?

My favorite type of yoga is best described as a cross between the athletic and demanding Vinyasa Yoga, and the the relaxing restorative yoga. I know this seems like a contradiction, but let me explain.

I suggest you practice yoga in a very personal way.  Learn sequences using your local yoga studio, or by enrolling in a yoga teacher program.  They are expensive, but worth it!

Once you feel confident practicing yoga independently, do so!  The most important part of the practice for me is concentrating on my breath. Don’t worry about completing demanding routines, so much as being focused on what you are doing. Once you can achieve the focus, then you can up how demanding the routine is, if you feel it is necessary.

I’d suggest you do at least 10 to 30 minutes a day.  Although, as a busy dad I find 5-7 mins in the morning and 5-7 mins at night works great, especially when paired with 5 mins of meditation.  Now obviously this isn’t the workout routine that is going to burn tons of calories, nor is it going to build a great deal of muscle.  However, it will help you be calm and confident like a Jedi.

Before we go any further I should mention I read about the routine first in “The Way of the Seal.” The author Mark Divine is a former Navy Seal Commander, and in my opinion a real life Jedi Knight!


What Benefits Will Yoga Bring?

Mindfulness – what is that?  Well mindfulness basically means you are more mindful of your thoughts, have more empathy and understanding for those around you, and you are generally more conscious of what is happening around you. Think of how calm and confident Qui-Gon Jin is in the Phantom Menace, and you should get the right idea. In fact in the opening of the movie Qui-Gon Jin is suggest Obi-Wan Kenobi should be more mindful…

But how does mindfulness benefit you on your quest to be healthier? Well it can help you stop over eating because you’ll be more conscious of your actions.  Or it can help you stop overreacting when you’re pissed off!  Again think calm and level headed Jedi Knights.  More like Obi-wan not Anakin 😉

Other Benefits:screen-shot-2016-10-01-at-1-29-49-pm

Flexibility – of course yoga will always help you with flexibility, and helps with posture as well. This is a
great benefit especially for those of us getting a little older…like Luke Skywalker in Episode 7 😃

Strength – You’ll be amazed just how much 10- 15 minutes of yoga each day will do for you. That is almost 2 hours total per week…

Obviously yoga helps with core strength, and I like to think all busy dad’s need good core strength for when your kids unexpectedly jump on your back, or when you’re friends ask to help move that ridiculously heavy old school tube television…

Focus – As I already mentioned you’re not going to get massive muscle from a simple daily yoga practice. But then again larger muscles don’t make people happy long-term, but having more focus and productivity does. Again think of the Jedi Knight, they are not overly muscled individuals, but they are focused so they can draw on the force.

How to Get Started?

I would get started with a simple sun salutation B. You should be able to complete 3-4 of these in 5-7 minutes. It is a simple routine to memorize, but you’ll want to add in several other short and simple sequences, so that you have more variety of exercise, and hit more of a variety of muscle groups.

The most important part for me is focusing on my breath, and making sure I stay in the moment.  You can let your mind wonder off to thinking about the latest Star Wars Rogue One trailer, for a moment. Just make sure you bring it back to focusing on the inhale and exhale of your breath.  And with time you should feel at peace…

“I am a Jedi. I’m one with the Force, and the Force will guide me.” – Ganodi

Thank you for reading about my jedi workout, if you have any questions or opinions please post them in the comments below!

May the force be with you, and stay healthy and stay geeky!

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