Nerd Fitness Academy Review (Why I Joined the Rebellion!)

nerd fitness review


So as I was starting to blog at one of the first things I knew I needed write was a Nerd Fitness Academy review.  I remember when I was just starting to blog, and wondering if there are any other geeks or nerds out there blogging about their fitness goals?  As it turns out their are a lot of other folks, but one in particular stood out because he had a massive site, with a massive community, and he was even making Star Wars and Lord of the Rings references!

Nerd Fitness Academy Review

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The Nerd Fitness Academy Rebellion

After reading his blog I’ve come to know Steve Kamb as the Emperor of Nerd and Geek fitness on the internet.  He has worked with fitness leaders to develop an epic membership site that gives you tons of information on the best workouts and even some nutrition advice.  Steve is a self pro-claimed goof, but he isn’t going to feed you the same crap that most of the fitness industry wants to sell you on.  The Nerd Fitness Academy will help you with:

    • How to replace your old habits with new super hero health habits
    • How to workout so you can level up your life
    • How to prepare great tasting food, that will make you a happy and healthy geek

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Nerd Fitness Academy Worth it?

Do I really need to join the rebellion? No, if you and I were to use some of the ideas on this page, and others, to consistently work to get healthier, then you will be healthier and happier.  However, I still joined…but why?

1) The Easy Button: I spent a lot of time in weight rooms when I was training for university (American) football, and truthfully I was a better weight lifter than football player. I even worked as a weight room instructor at a summer camp and local gym.  But I want to try new things, and as a father I don’t have as much time to create my own workouts. So, this Fitness Academy just makes sense.

2) The Community: I know I don’t know it all when it comes to health, and I know I can’t always keep myself accountable. But I know with the help of the massive Nerd Fitness Community, I can learn more and be held accountable.  Not to mention meet tons of new like minded people.

3) Variety: I seriously strained my calf muscles because I didn’t have a good variety of workouts.  Now I have more workout options!

4) The Quest Section of the Nerd Fitness Academy is so cool because you can create your own character!  You can complete fitness challenges, and increase your characters level just like an RPG. You also get to pick your character class: Warrior, Ranger, Scout, Assassin. I was so freak’n excited by this…

5) Well Organised: the Academy is well organized and each of the pages have clear divisions that are sectioned off and easy to read or scan.

6) Clear Instructional Videos: There are a great deal of instructional videos that are easy to use and understand.  Although, if you are working out at home you should consider getting a mirror so you can double check your form.  Often times what we think we are doing, and what we are actually doing is massively different!

7) Expert advice: Mr. Kamb and his academy give you expert advice, ensuring that you have a warm-up routine, a cool down stretch, explain how to schedule workouts, and finally help you pick what level of fitness workouts you should be doing.

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Nerd Fitness: Reasons you Shouldn’t Join the Academy

1) Nutrition Focus:  You are looking for expert nutrition advice.  Well actually, you will get great nutrition advice in the Nerd Fitness Academy, but I would suggest that one of the biggest weakness of the academy is that there isn’t more emphasis put on nutrition.  I suggest you just remember that nutrition is the most important.

2) Mental Health: Another draw back to the program is I feel it falls short of supporting and developing mental health. Creating a growth mindset is so important when trying to create change in your life. Check-out this article on developing a Jedi Mindset.

3) Information Overload: The academy does a great job of organizing all the information, but it is still a lot of information.  If you are going to sign-up the academy make sure you give yourself lots of time to get to know the layout, and consume the information.  You’ll need at least an hour to get started, but in reality it’d be better to make it a month long challenge were you dedicate at least 15-30 mins a day to consuming the information, and starting to take action by picking your warm-up and workouts etc…

6) Video and Audio Explanations: After a long day at work I’d much rather sit down and watch a video.  The NF Academy is an accumulation of amazingly detailed essays.  I know as a teacher that many people like me, actually prefer to consumer information in audio or video format.  In fact if the video includes images, they’ll be five times more likely to remember the information.

7) Workout Video Audio: This is a very small con, but the workout videos should really include some audio.  Instead they have a written explanation below them.  The videos are great, but would be even better with the audio.

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The Final Word on the Nerd Fitness Academy:

The Nerd Fitness Academy is worth the investment. In fact the investment of $59 or $99 is so cheap when you consider the costs of gym memberships, personal training, and even supplements or medications. Join the academy…

I hope you enjoyed reading my nerd fitness academy review.  I am pumped about the Academy and hope you’ll join me and 200, 000 others in a community that will help keep you accountable and working hard!

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Nerd fitness Academy Worth it?
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