New Star Wars Animation Series After Star Wars Rebels?

Welcome to another Be A Healthy Geek post, and today I’ll be posting about some awesome new Star Wars animation series ideas.

First up, one of the more popular ideas I think is starting a series that follows Luke Skywalker on his adventures searching out Jedi relics after Return of the Jedi. This could even include Ezra Bridger from Star Wars Rebels! Depending on how season four of Star Wars Rebels goes of course! Mainly whether he survives. Checkout my last post for speculation on that topic!

“Stay on target.”

Luke Skywalker Animation

So back on track I think that following Luke around on these adventures would allow us to learn so much about the force, and it would start to fill in the massive gap between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.

Below is a great video about a Luke Skywalker animation series…enjoy!

Rise of the Rebellion:

Another new Star Wars animation series that we could see fill in that massive gap between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens would be the a series that details the beginnings of the Resistance. Basically something that would pick-up where the book Bloodline left off.

It would be hard to see General Leia, but also awesome seeing her directing the Resistance, and generally kicking ass. Below I have another video with a similar topic…enjoy!


Old Republic Animation Series

So many folks would love to see a series on the Old Republic. Well I feel…the same way! This would be so sweet, and although I admit that I didn’t read all the books, or play all the games, what I have read and watched about the era seems totally amazing.

If you could turn this into an adult Star Wars animation series, or even better yet an adult live action series on Netflix, than all the better in my opinion! However, we have now had an animation series set during the prequels, and Rebels is pretty much during the original trilogy, so it would make sense to see a sequel trilogy animation TV series now…wouldn’t it?

What about the Discovery of Snoke?

I have a feeling that Snoke is a Force wielding crazy that was locked away by the Jedi eons ago. That someone needs to discover him. Now I remember that Snoke says in the Force Awakens that he saw the rise and fall of the Empire. But that could have been through the Force? Not likely you say?

Never tell me the odds :-)

I think there is a good chance that after Star Wars rebels ends that we may get a new animation series about how Yoda sends Ezra on a mission to find the great Evil that he has felt in the unknown region. Have you read the Aftermath books? I have :-)

Here is a great video that explains this theory a bit more:


Well there you have it! A little more theory crafting backed up by some more videos. If you’re looking for more Star War Rebels and Animation click the Force Within TV logo at the top of the right sidebar. Until next time may the force be with you, and stay healthy, stay geeky!


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