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The Challenge: Best Online Personal Trainers

Hire a great local trainer or one of the best online personal trainers for 30 days.  After the 30 days you’ll know if this exactly what you need.  The service will help keep you accountable, help you work efficiently, and help push you harder then you can push yourself creating better results.

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Local Trainers:

Local personal trainers often will work one on one with people, but you may also be able to find trainers willing to work with groups.  Often trainers working one on one will be able to give nutritional, and life coaching advice, but in groups, for the most part, they focus on the fitness aspect.

All of your local fitness facilities will have personal trainers, but there are also great deals to be found on small group cross-fit trainers, yoga instructors, and morning boot-camp fitness groups.  Don’t just sign-up for the best advertised local trainer because these are usually the most expensive.  Do some searching via the net, and perhaps you can find a near by trainer willing to work one on one using there home gym or yoga studio.

For example, my wife was able to find a local yoga trainer that worked one on one with her once a week for six weeks, and the cost was only one hundred dollars. The deals are out there.

Best Online Personal Trainers

There are also deals to be had online as well.  Not only are there tons of personal trainers giving free advice on Youtube, but there are also great programs that will match you up with the right personal trainer.


FitorBit is a great place to find the best online personal trainers all in one place. One of the top rated online personal trainer websites, and it only costs ten dollars per week.  The helpful folks at FitorBit will help you with a personalized workout routine, and also work with you to improve your nutrition. They have an easy to navigate website, and everything you could ask!  See our full review (coming soon)

Example two:

HitchFit is another top rated online personal training website.  It is more expensive, and it targets those folks looking to get the six pack for the beach.  This is not something I usually endorse, as the Be a Healthy Geek site is really about finding time to stay energized and have basic good health.  However, they do come highly recommended.  See our full review here: coming soon!

This personal training challenge is not the first challenge I would take from the ‘Be a Healthy Geek’ site, but it is one that will help you push through to your ultimate weight loss goal if you are struggling to get there.  So whether you take on a personal weight loss trainer which is online or a local, the main thing is to get your body moving.  You know yourself best, do you need someone to keep yourself accountable, and push you harder then you thought possible? Maybe.

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