30 day Health Challenge Ideas – The Healthy Habits Quest


So what exactly is the healthy Habits Quest?health_heroes_needed

Well it is a quest to improve your fitness, nutrition, and your free time, which for me is geek time!

How does the Quest Work?

If you decide to embark on this quest, then you will pick one Fitness, nutrition, or geek challenge.  Take it one challenge at a time.

What do I need for the Quest?

You’ll need:

  1. Time to prepare for your challenge (Reviewing exercises, or creating meal plans)
  2. Time to fill out the 3o day challenge calendar
  3. And superhero determination!
30 day health Challenge ideas for Geek Fitness

Commission Artwork by the talented Joel Duggan.

How will I ensure my success?

The 30 day Health Challenge Calendar has several questions that will help you anticipate problems, and discover your motivation to push you through the challenge.

How do you know this really works?

  1. I know it works because on my Healthy Habits Quest I lost twenty five pounds over six months (a healthy rate to lose weight)
  2. I also inspired my wife and other family and friends to start exercising.
  3. I solved my digestive issues with improved nutrition
  4. I made more time for gaming and other geeky things I love to do.
  5. I’m now living a much healthier and happier life then I ever have.

Where do I Get Started with the Healthy Habits Quest?

There are three different categories of challenges as mention above.  Click on which one interests you the most, or I’ll send you exactly how I would start the challenge if you sign-up for my newsletter.

  1. Fitness Challenges

  2. Nutrition Challenges

  3. Gaming and Geek Challenges

It can be hard to decide were to start?

But if you sign-up below I’ll let you know exactly what I would do to start getting healthy today:

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 But Why so Many 30 Day Health Challenges?

As mentioned above your quest can take whatever path you want. Perhaps you really just want to start with one difficult challenge.  Whether that is including more geek time in your life, or eating healthier, it is up to you. But why all these challenges? Here is a brief explanation: 30_day_challenge_ideas

Nutrition: Nutrition is the the most important part of your health. Just take a look at Ben Curry’s Blog Ben Versus the World.  Ben is a gaming podcaster who simply changed his diet, and was able to lose weight consistently over a six week period. Change is not easy, but using our 30 day challenge ideas will allow you to find what is easy and effective for you. Read about our nutrition challenge ideas here.

Exercise: So many people believe that going to the gym working hard for an hour is the only way to be healthy. As a former Football player, Gridiron for international readers, I’ve spent a lot of time in gyms, and enjoy getting back to the gym when I can.  But there are far more efficient ways to include exercise in your life, and our challenges will help you find what works for you. Get more 30 day fitness challenge ideas here.


Geek Time: Think of this as the mental health section.  If you are sleeping, eating, and exercising mental health should take care of itself in most cases, but us geeks just will not be truly happy unless we are making time for our passions.  Whether it is role playing, video gaming, movies, technology, miniature painting, cosplay, comic books…or something else, we need to make time for our passions.  So review our 30 day challenge ideas and become a happier geek today!

Honorable Mention: Sleep: In my opinion sleep is the most important part of your health.  Although, after several months of challenging myself I found that I was running out of good sleeping challenge ideas, so I decided to roll the best sleeping challenges into the fitness and nutrition  challenges section. Remember that you are in charge of your quest, and can decide exactly what challenges you take on to change your lifestyle for the better. Because of this everyone should be able to find success.  Come up with your own 30 day health challenge ideas by reviewing the site, and if you find you need a help sign-up for our newsletter, and I’ll share with you exactly what I would start with, if I could start all over again in my quest to be a healthy geek.

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