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So if you’ve been following the channel for about the last month you know that I recently discovered the Rebels chat podcast as well as the website where the podcast is hosted

So The Wookie gunner podcast actually recently put up a extensive overview and round up of Star Wars Rebels related news so I found a couple of gems that I thought I would share with you guys today


One of the more interesting snippets of news Ingo Römling shared new images on Twitter from the Star Wars Rebels comic that continues to be published in Germany.

I’m pretty sure that is Ketsu with Hera, Zeb, and Rex in one of the photos…so this might be a completely new storyline untold in the Rebels TV show.

Very cool

Hopefully translated


Another small but cool bit of information about how the 5th issue of the 6-part Marvel comic book miniseries Rogue One: A Star Wars Story includes a brief shot of the Ghost when the Rebel fleet appears above Scarif.

The image isn’t much to look at but I thought some of you’d want to see it

Can’t afford all the comic books so I watch Youtube videos from Starapter and others


Another piece of news as you know Star Wars Rebels won Best Animated Series at the 43rd annual Saturn Awards! What you probably don’t known is that Jennifer Muro the writer of Star Wars Forces of Destiny recorded Dave Filoni’s expectance speech and posted to Tweeter. You can check it out in the video description

Filoni doesn’t give any spoilers for season 4, but if your a fan like me, you’d probably like to see the speech…


Also remember that we will be getting more back story to the Grand Inquisitor and most likely some more information about Jedi being executed on Mustafar in the Marvel Vader comic.

Remember Kanan mentioned in season 1 that Mustafar is where Jedi go to die, so I’m assuming we are going to see more of this in the Vader comic. Maybe even some familiar faces?


Another bit of news is the Dawn of Rebellion is a brand new sourcebook for Star Wars roleplaying that features descriptions, context, and statistics for various iconic characters and vehicles that have appeared in Star Wars Rebels and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

I mention this only because we only get a limited amount of reference books for Rebels and most of those are watered down versions for kids.


As per usual I’ve save the best for last Lisa Granshaw or SYFY interviewed Ashley Eckstein at San Diego Comic-Con, where they spoke about Ahsoka’s future in Star Wars Rebels.

This will be linked in the description as well, but my big take away was that Ashley mentions at the end that the character Ahsoka still has a lot of story to tell. And this is of course after Ashley has recorded her lines for season 4.

So this seems a strong indication that Ahsoka will be returning and that she will be around for years

she is fan…

not going to mislead us…

Or does she mean going back in time?

Please checkout the full list of these news bites in the video description

and you can check out the entire list in the episode description.

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