Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock App and More

Technology is a wonderful thing when it works, and in this article you will learn all about the best sleep cycle alarm clock app and even more apps that help you snooze like sleeping beauty herself. It does not matter if you’re an Android lover, or a diehard Apple faithful, the iPhone and many Android phones, believe it or not, can help you get better rest! There’s an app for that…

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Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock Review

Remember the idea on the 30 day challenges is that you are going to try something new for thirty days.  It may turn out to be something that you can’t live without for the rest of your life. The best way to pick the right app for you is to identify what is really preventing you from getting a good nights rest, and find the app that may help you out!

A sleep cycle alarm clock app is a great way to wake up rested. They are not going to help you fall asleep, but they can stop you from waking up feeling like crap. Basically, the app detects your sleep cycles (based on movement) and wakes you up gently during a light sleep cycle so you wake up feeling refteshed.  The best sleep cycle app for android is,. And the best sleep cycle app for iPhone can be found here:

Music and sound apps can help you and your children relax and fall asleep. Plus they can help you stay asleep by canceling out other noises from neighbors, traffic, or just a creaky old house.  You can also purchase sound machines to do this job, but why not try it out on your phone first.  Although, I’d suggest picking up a machine in the long term, as it should have better speakers and I don’t really like the idea of having my smartphone speaker being used 7-8 hours every night.  Here is a great iPhone app , and the android faithful should give this app a try:batman_sleep_app

Sleep Apps that will Knock you Out like Batman!

Other alternatives to our listed sleep cycle alarm clock app:

  1. Guided meditation apps in the PlayStore and in the App Store.
  2. Yoga moves for relaxation can be found here for Android and also in the App Store.
  3. Hypnotherapy sleep apps will hypnotize you to sleep like an Android or Apple.

Thank you for reading our article on the best sleep cycle alarm clock app and more . Hopefully these apps will have you slumbering like Smaug the Stupendous, and if they do be sure to share via your favourite social media site! You can also checkout our other sleeping challenge ideas here: What is the best sleep aid Product?  or you can head back to the homepage here:









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