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Having a social media plan will help you make connects with tons of other like minded people from all over the world, so join a new social media platform today! Well we don’t always have time to make it down to the local games store to chat with others, or perhaps we missed out on the latest convention. Well if you’re active on message boards, and social media you can interact with others when you do have the time, in the comfort of your own home!

The Challenge: Join a new Social Media Platform

We are all usually set in our ways.  But it is important to try something new from time to time, so why not join a new message board on a topic you enjoy, or try a new social media platform? This is your geek quest for 30 days this month, if you choose. Try a new social media site like Google+ or try a great message board that will get you chatting with interesting folks from all over the world.  Give it a shot today for thirty days, and be sure to comment at least once a day.  Do not just be a lurker like Gollum.  Get to know the folks in the community by responding to others, and helping when you can. You may just be surprised how much you enjoy the interaction!

Your Social Media Plan Expanded

So you’re most likely on Facebook, but I’ve listed some other social media sites you maybe interested in below.  Find a complete ranking here: Social Media Sites Ranked

Twitter: If you haven’t tried yet, you should because it is niche driven.  Your not going have family members following you, but your more likely to engage with like minded people that are into the same things as you. The more you follow the better.

Pinterest: is cool because it is so visual.  Which means it is very easy to consume.  I’d also suggest it because it seems to be very educational if you follow the right people, and checkout categories such as history.  Also, like Twitter you are less likely to get updates that Uncle John just brushed his teeth.

Instagram: not an expert on instagram, but it allows you to quickly edit and share work.

Tumblr: Know as a blogging platform to me originally, but a lot of folks just seem to be sharing photos, and small posts like a social media site.  Also, you can follow others sites, and so it basically social media with the ability to have a longer post if you choose! I’d also suggest is another platform you can use like this.

Google+ is Googles answer to Facebook, and so has a big tech following.  If you’re interested in tech, but want a Facebook like experience free of family, then I suggest you check it out. Google+

Message Boards: Free Social Networking for All

There are also an absolute ton of message boards out their to help you discuss whatever you are into: I suggest you use the TapaTalk app to help you keep up to date with your form of choice.

Entertainment: JoBlo Movies is a great place to chat about the latest trailer or movie!

Comics: The Comic Board is a one stop shop for all your comic discussion needs.

Technology: There are a ton of tech forums on the net, but this is one that covers just about anything. Cnet

Video Games: If you are looking to chat video games a general place to go would be

Miniature Wargaming: Warseer is a great geek site for any table top gaming enthusiast, but it is mainly a miniature war games form.

Board Gaming: Board game geek is the one place to go for everything board gaming, and tabletop gaming in general. Unfortunately, because it is a very custome built message board it does not work with the Tapatalk app. The place to get all your pen and paper role playing chat.  From D&D to Mouse Guard, you can find it all here.

Squad Gaming: The all in one message board, Gaming Squad a nice general gaming forum, so that if you have many different interests, like I do, you can find one board that covers all the different types of gaming.

Well there are a ton of options for you here, but don’t get stuck in a state of analysis paralysis! Pick one site and get started, I know I’m so glad I stopped being a lurker, and started interacting with others.  It has lead to meeting tons of great people in real life, and making great online friends. Get started today.

Thank you for reading, and if you think this post could help your followers please consider sharing it!

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