Star Wars T-shirts for Men and Women

Star Wars t-shirts for men

Great looking and original Star Wars t-shirts for men and women aren’t as easy to find as you’d think.  Star Wars t-shirts are easy to find, just not original and interesting shirts that are great conversational starters.  I’ve written a post on some of the principles I’ve been following when incorporating geeky clothing into my wardrobe, and originality is one of those principles.  Checkout the post here.

I’ll be applying the principles I discuss in that article, to the various Star Wars shirts one can find on the market.

Be Original

Everyone loves Darth Vader and the God Father is jut an epic movie series.  Mix these two into a shirt, and you get something original.

Be Covert

In no way should you ever be ashamed to be a geek, but as an adult geek you can get more creative with your wardrobe choices. So wearing this shirt  will show your support for Star War geeks and nerds all over the planet, but keeping most folks in the dark.  Most folks will dismiss the shirt as the latest round of Old Navy graphic shirts. True fans will most likely find this to be a funny shirt, and it will help you start conversations.

Less is more

As I mentioned in my superhero t-shirts for men article, I love the idea of wearing a polo shirt to work.  A simply logo or symbol on the polo is a great example of how to keep things simple. Personally I like the rebel alliance shirt on the left, but there are a good variety of star wars polos that follow this principle. Check them out here on Amazon.

Be Funny

lastly, if you can’t be covert or keep things simple, then please be hilarious. I absolutely love the ‘Evilution’ shirt because initially it is funny and secondly it actually makes you think of the evolution of man, and like science fiction should, makes you think about our current world.

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  • I saw one at Disney’s Star Wars weekends a few years back that I really am regretting that I didn’t get it. It was a pic of Luke and Leia and it said, “Looking for love in Alderaan places”.