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Sleeping is the foundation of good Health, so it would be wise to consider supplements that help you sleep faster and deeper.  If you don’t have good sleep patterns, there is a very good chance you aren’t going to have enough energy to be exercising, preparing healthy meals, or enjoying whatever geeky things you enjoy to do. So why is it then that people are far more likely to be using a nutrition supplement, then a sleep supplement? Sleep aids often have a negative connotation because of the addictive drugs that are on the market, but this post looks at natural sleep aids, so no need to worry.

That said it is always a good idea to consult with a doctor before taking any supplement, and you must do this if you are on any medication. Also, keep in mind these supplements are suppose to improve sleep, not solve serious sleep deficiencies.

The Challenge: Supplements to help sleep

Select a sleeping supplement from the list below, and see how it benefits you over the 30 days.  It would be a good idea to journal the quality of your sleep, or at least reflect on how your sleep has improved? You could do this with one of the many apps that track sleep patterns, or simply use a note taker app to record your thoughts.  Reflect on, the time it takes you to get to sleep, how sustained your sleep is, and how refreshed to wake-up.  Dedicating at least eight hours a night to sleep can go a long to improving your sleep, but not everyone has that choice.

There are many helpful sleeping supplements, and most of them help to calm us down and relieve stress. (I’d say the Hulk takes sleeping supplements on a regular basis.) Once we are relax, it is much easier to fall asleep.

Supplements that Help you Sleep

Bach Rescue Sleep Remedy: is not simply a pill you take to help you relax, but a spray or liquid melts.  It helps you relax and quiet your mind after a stressful day.  Reviews suggest that it works, but the supplement can have the bizarre side effect of causes violent nightmares. This is actually reported by several reviewers.  However, even with the violence in their dreams people felt better rested the next day. This is a product I am interested in trying, and will be reporting my personal findings.


Melatonin: This is a known supplement to help sleep, and Dr. Lipman suggests the melatonin hormone is naturally occurring and is released during our day. Basically, it is what our body needs in order to get a good night sleep. You need a certain level of Melatonin in order to fall a sleep at night, and a supplement can help. Success will vary though, I had a close family member use melatonin, and they suggested it did help them sleep, but they felt groggy, and had a difficult time waking up in the morning.

Lavender Essential Oil: On the quest to find something that wold help my young girls sleep, I’ve used lavender essential oil.  The smell has a calming effect on you that is suppose to help you fall, and stay asleep.  You can even purchase Lavender scented pillows.  I found the smell instantly helps me to relax, but sadly it only had a minor impact on my daughters sleeping habits.

Sleep Supplements: Keep you Sleeping

Valerian Root: Out of all the supplements that help you sleep, this is one you should run by doctor before taking. Valerian root is one supplement that should not be mixed with some medications. That said Dr. Nicolai suggests that it is a sleeping supplement that will lower anxiety, promote relaxation, and therefore help you feel more rested in the morning.

Adrenal Support Supplements: several years ago now I went to a naturopathic doctor, and she suggested I go on an adrenal support supplement, to help my adrenal glands recover.  I had just finished my last teaching practicum or student teaching phase, and although things went well, it was a big stressful challenge. I’ve had my most restful sleeps using this supplement, and it even helps to boost your immune system.  I highly recommend this adrenal support and sleep supplement.

Sleeping Aid Tea: Herbal tea is a great way to relax at any point of the day, but some are specifically formulated with herbs that help you fall asleep.  Yogi Bedtime Tea is one example of a tea that can help you fall asleep, but be warned because it includes St. John’s Wart which is known to decrease the effectiveness of the birth control pill.  Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea is a great alternative and is one of many easy to take tea supplements that help you sleep. Give it a try today.

This is by no means a complete list of supplements that help you sleep, but it does point you in the right direction, it is up to you now to take some action, and get a better sleep.  Perhaps you’re thinking, I don’t have time to get proper sleep anyway, so why bother with a sleeping aid? Well, these sleeping aids will help you fall asleep faster, and get more out of the sleep you do get. So pick one that sounds good, and become more energetic and well rested today.

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