The Best Age of Sigmar Army for Gaming and Painting

So I’ve been hearing some encouraging things about Age of Sigmar now that it has been out for just over a year.  So started looking around the web to find the best Age of Sigmar Army to get started with and what I found was very interesting.  In this article we will look at the Top AOS army when it comes to price, gaming, and painting.


From what I’ve gathered from around the net, there really isn’t a best Age of Sigmar army.  With so many possibilities and allied combos it’s very different from it’s predecessor Warhammer fantasy battle.  It would seem that most armies have absolute awesome units, and it’s more about using those amazing units effectively during combat.

The Worst AOS Armies

I have found that if you are looking for competitive armies that you should stay away from goblins and Beastmen.  Taking these two factions purely means that you’re going to be lower in power. That said I’ve always wanted a goblin army :).

Possibly the Best Armies:

Some of the easier to use armies usually involve just running across the gaming board and smashing the opponent off the table. Armies of the Khrone variety are usually great at employing this tactic. I’ve also read that Tzeentch Demon armies are pretty damn tough with ranged attacks, flying abilities, the ability to summon, and of course cause mortal wounds. The Slyvaneth have big scary monsters, summoning and Dryads unit that work really well together. Again remember that many of the arimies have powerful units, so finding the most powerful age of sigmar army isn’t that easy.

Best Age Of Sigmar Army for the Money

The starter boxset for the Age of Sigmar is an incredible value, and so if you are planning a getting started I suggest buying two of the boxsets, and then selling the faction you don’t actually want.  If possible try to find a friend so that you can both buy a starter set, and swap the models with each other. I know purchasing the 4th edition Starter set of Warhammer Fantasy Battle was about the only way I could afford to get into the game as a twelve year old. Find out more details about the Age of Sigmar starter set here.

Best Age of Sigmar Armies for Painting

I believe there are two extremely easy options for painting in the Age of Sigmar game.  The first is the Stormcast Eternals which come with the above mentioned starter boxset.  Simply spray them gold, shade them with brown or black and pick a few edges here and there to paint blue.

The Slyvaneth are another extremely simple army to paint, especially if you’re just sticking to the forest creatures.  Spray them brown.  Pick up some leaves and eyes with bright greens orange, and you can be all done!

The Best Overall Army:

So I believe you have one choice to make. The Stormcast Eternals.  These guys pack a punch, are affordable because they are part of the starter boxset, and can be extremely fast to paint.  So scroll up and click on the image of the Starter box to find a great deal online. 


I hope that helps decide you decide the best Age of Sigmar Army for you! I know I’m excited to get started on my collection, and look forward to hearing about your comments below.

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